BNSF train symbol QAUGSBD6 near Hedley, TX

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On the first day of my October 2006 trip I finally caught up with a westbound train at Estelline and chased it into Amarillo. The train had engines 5216 and CSX 4832.

BNSF train symbol QAUGSBD6 near Hedley, TX

The QAUGSBD6 is passing north of the rest stop on highway 287 east of Hedley. This train originates in Atlanta, GA, is turned over to the KCS at Meridian, MS, and then enters the BNSF system north of Alliance, TX. The train will terminate at San Bernardino.

BNSF train symbol QAUGSBD6 meets train CATMDOL at Hedley

At Hedley, the double stack train went into the siding to meet the CATMDOL (Antelope mine to NRG Energy's Limestone plant at Donie, TX). The train had engines 8805, 9851 and DPU 9919.