Amtrak Eagle leaving Dallas Union Station

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Amtrak Eagle leaving Dallas Union Station Amtrak Number 21 leaving Dallas Union Station

Dallas Union Station was completed in 1916. At that time it had 10 tracks and served about 80 trains a day. Now there are five tracks: two for the Dallas Rapid Transit, two for the Trinity Rail Express, and one for Amtrak. The building underwent a $23 million renovation in 2008. Engines 297 and 294 on Amtrak Number 21 (Eagle) accelerate out of Dallas Union Station on March 7, 1987.

Amtrak Eagle passes Old Red Courthouse

In the background is the Dallas County Courthouse (called the Old Red Courthouse). It was built in 1892 and is made of red sandstone and blue granite. It was converted into a museum in 2004.

Amtrak Eagle under signal bridge near Dallas Union Station

The train will soon be on the Trinity River Bridge as it heads toward Fort Worth. At Fort Worth the train will turn south and use the Santa Fe line to Temple. During the mid-50s the Santa Fe Chicagoan originated at Dallas and used trackage rights over the T&P to Fort Worth and then turned north. The Santa Fe and T&P put this trackage rights deal together in 1926. The Santa Fe paid $4,000 a month to operate a daily passenger train over the T&P between the two cities. I think the agreement ended shortly after the Santa Fe built a line between Dalton Jct. (near Denton) southeast to Jacha Jct. (north of Dallas) in 1955. Disk 94