General Manifest Trains Eastward

There are six regular manifest trains a day, a weekly train from Drake and a three day a week long distance local. Following the symbol is the rough schedule time when the train is scheduled to leave Barstow (B), go through Flagstaff (F), Gallup (G), and Clovis (C). With some manifest trains running up to 24 hours late, the only way to tell them apart is by observing the freight cars that are in each train. Ted Ferkenhoff supplied some information for this report. Average late times were calculated with January 2019 data. Revised 5-28-2019.

Origin and destination codes used in this section:
BAR Barstow, CA
BEL Belen, NM
DKA Drake, AZ
GAL Galesburg, IL
KCK Kansas City, KS
KGM Kingman, AZ
LUB Lubbock, TX
PHX Phoenix, AZ
TPL Temple, TX
TUL Tulsa, OK
WIN Winslow, AZ

HBARBEL1 B 1000, F 2000, G 0300, power is usually 4 units. Near the front will be a group of 2 to 26 3 bay pneumatic covered hoppers, further back in the train will be small groups of 3 and 4 bay covered hoppers, generally around 4 but could be up to 9 centerbeam flats with white covered loads, groups of 2 to 33 tank cars, a few woodchip gons, not a lot of boxcars (average is 3 per train), rarely has coil cars (open or covered). Depending on traffic, it may have very few to as many as 25 mill gondolas and bulkhead flats with steel plates, may have a small group of autoracks (varied from none to 14), and may have some empty wells. It sometimes has a large group of tank cars (19-27) on the rear. The average train was 31-88:6911T 7505ft with a 0.92 tons per linear foot ratio. The average performance was 8 hours late.

HBARGAL1 B 1300, F 2300, G 0500, C 1700, power can vary from 3 to 8 units (average was 5) and occasionally has a DPU unit on the rear. It usually has a few mechanical reefers on or near the front (average was 3 cryotrans). In contrast to the HBARBEL, the HBARGAL has a lot of boxcars (average was 36). It often has lots of corn sweetener tank cars toward the rear. The average train also had 28 3 bay covered hoppers, 9 4 bay covered hoppers, and 12 empty mill gondolas, The rest of the train may include a few empty bulkhead flats, empty flats, empty coil cars, and autoracks (varied from none to 28). The average train was 39-111:8697T 8907ft with a 0.98 tons per linear foot ratio. Performance varied from 18 hours ahead to 22 hours late.

HBARKCK1 B 0700, F 1700, G 2200, C 1201, power is generally 4 or 5 units. The power desk may move units east, so the train could have up to 10 units, obviously not all are on-line. A distinctive feature of the train will be 1 or 2 flat cars with wheel sets returning to the wheel shop in Kansas City. The other feature is a block of 30 to 75 BNSF 3 bay covered hoppers on the rear. These are usually set out at Wellington for mills and grain elevators in that area. This is another train with very few boxcars, it is mostly Procor and ADM tank cars with covered hoppers. It may have a few cryotrans reefers, autoracks, and empty wells. The average train was 18-127:7076T 8819ft with a 0.80 tons per linear foot ratio. Performance varied from 2 hours ahead to 31 hours late.

HBARMEM1 B 0500, F 1600, G 0001 C 1201 began operating four days a week in December 2018. In February, the symbol was changed to SBARMEM1 even though it doesn't handle marine double stack traffic. It ususally has 4 units in a 3+1 configuration and performance averaged 16 hours ahead of schedule. The average train had 25 boxcars (usually a group of around 15 boxcars near the front, with the other 10 boxcars spread thru the rest of the train), 2 3 bay covered hoppers, 2 4 bay covered hoppers, occasionally a 5 bay covered hoppers, 2 empty 3 bay coal hoppers, 4 empty bulkhead flats, 1 empty centerbeam flats, 2 empty flat cars, 2 empty mill gondolas, 5 empty woodchip gons, 1 cryotrans, 9 empty coil cars, 3 covered coil cars, 1 covered gondolas, 5 tank cars and on the rear 64 autoracks. The average train was 66-42:7855T 7904ft with a 0.99 tons per linear foot ratio.

HBARTPL1 B 0300, F 1300, G 1800, C 0500, usually has 4 units. The average train had 8 boxcars, 1 2 bay covered hopper, 3 3 bay covered hoppers, 18 4 bay covered hoppers, 1 empty bulkhead flat, 4 centerbeam flats, 3 mill gondolas, 62 tank cars, and occasionally a group of autoracks, some empty flat cars, covered coil cars, and covered gondolas. It also handled woodchip gons covered with tarps and may on occasion carry military vehicles. The average train was 47-60:6979T 7130ft with a 0.98 tons per linear foot ratio. Performance varied from 11 hours ahead to 15 hours late.

HBARTUL1 B 1000, F 2000, G 0200, C 1600, usually 4 units. The average train had 21 boxcars, 3 2 bay covered hoppers, 7 3 bay covered hoppers, 12 4 bay covered hoppers, 1 empty bulkhead flat, 1 centerbeam flat, 4 flat cars (usually with pipe), 3 woodchip gons, 4 cryotrans, 1 empty coil car, 1 covered coil car, and 49 tank cars. It may also have the occasional 5 bay covered hopper and an empty flat car. The average train was 37-76:7121T 6863ft with a 1.04 tons per linear foot ratio. Performance varied from nearly on-time to 31 hours late.

HPHXBEL1 F 1000, G 1800, 2 or 3 units. The average train had 2 autoracks, 5 boxcars, 5 2 bay covered hoppers, 4 3 bay pneumatic cement covered hoppers, 6 3 bay covered hoppers, 3 4 bay covered hoppers, 1 empty bulkhead flat, 2 empty centerbeam flats, 4 empty coal hoppers, 1 empty flat car, 2 mill gondolas with scrap metal, 5 empty mill gondolas, 3 covered coil cars, and 23 tank cars (usually toward the rear of the train). The average train was 12-70:3982T 4800ft with a 0.83 tons per linear foot ratio. Performance varied from 2 hours ahead to 6 hours late.

MDKAWIN1 F 0700 2 units with a few 3 bay covered hoppers (I think these are hauling fly ash from the cement plants) and around 60 empty BNSF, JDSX and CMHX coal hoppers. The train started operating on Sunday June 17, 2018 operating once a week and has then shifted to Friday. The schedule now is Thursday and Sunday. The combination of empty coal hoppers and pneumatic covered hoppers make this train unique from all of the others manifest trains.

MKGMWIN F 0400 Mon, Wed and Fri may have 3 or 4 units and tonnage can reach 5,000 tons at times. I've only seen the train once this year on 3-28-2018 as it usually goes through Flagstaff early in the morning. It had 2 units with 24 3 bay covered hoppers, 3 4 bay covered hoppers, 14 empty 3 bay coal hoppers, and 15 empty mill gondolas.

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