Piggyback trains at Stevenson, AL in July 1977

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Southern Railway piggyback train at Stevenson, AL in July 1977

In July 1977 I was on the last day of a trip up to Louisville, KY to fix a very sick Imsai computer. I spent the night sleeping in the car at Stevenson, AL. The next morning Extra 2658 East rumbles by the station with a piggyback train a couple hours after sun up. The Southern Railway and L&N Railroad tracks join just east of the station. Clouds are building to the west.

Louisville & Nashville piggyback train at Stevenson, AL in July 1977

It didn't stay clear very long. I caught this L&N piggyback train about an hour later. By using Google Maps and Street View, I think this was taken from the Tennessee Avenue bridge. I tried to chase this piggyback train, but once it cleared the junction switch, it left me in the dust. Disk 132