Friday August 7, 1987
on the Union Pacific

Alexandria and Anchorage, LA to Brownsville, TX

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The Lake Charles Subdivision from Alexandria (mp602) crosses the Houston line at Kinder (mp661) on its way to Lake Charles (mp694). The line to Houston crosses the line to New Orleans at Livonia (mp621) and runs due west crossing the Lake Charles Subdivision at Kinder (mp545). It joins the KCS at DeQuincy (mp507) and uses KSC trackage to Beaumont (mp460). From Settegast Yard (mp381) the line uses HBT and ATSF trackage to Algoa (mp343), crosses the Corpus Christi line at Odem (mp154) and ends in Brownsville (mp1).

N184 left Houston at 935PM with 37 loads and 41 empties and had engines 3728 and 3558. It set out at Amelia and departed at 1255AM with 29 loads and 28 empties. It left DeQuincy at 515AM with 31 loads and 29 empties. It left Kinder at 700AM with 41 loads and 46 empties. It met LLF51 at Tracy (mp642) and pulled into Alexandria at 1100AM.

NHS departed Avondale Yard at 730AM with engines NS5137, NS7051, NS5158, and SOU4013 pulling 44 loads and 79 empties. It was now plodding along through the city limits of Opelousas (mp590).

N181 left Addis yesterday at 455PM with engines MP2281 and MP2384 pulling 28 loads and 39 empties. It was now threading its way into Settegast Yard in Houston with 27 loads and 55 empties.

N185 left Alexandria at 845PM with three loads and 17 empties pulled by engines 2478 and MP3135. It left Kinder with 13 loads and 40 empties and arrived in Houston at 1020AM.

LGH89 departed from Houston at 745PM with engines 3017 and MP3031 pulling 45 loads and 41 empties. It came into Galveston with 21 loads and 28 empties. It left Galveston at 1245AM with 46 loads and 15 empties. It arrived in Houston at 645AM with 69 loads and 56 empties.

N194 left Kingsville yesterday at 610PM with engines 2134, MP2264, and MP2375 pulling 31 loads and 36 empties. It picked up at Chemcel (mp123) and departed with 43 loads and 43 empties. It picked up at Odem and departed with 71 loads and 60 empties. It left Bloomington at 230AM with 88 loads and 39 empties. It left Angleton at 750AM with 89 loads and 45 empties and tied up in Houston at 1110AM.

N195 departed from Houston at 905AM with engines MP6037, MP3099, MP3121, and 4295 pulling 42 loads and 82 empties. It would arrive in Angleton at 205PM.

N197 left Houston at 1020AM with engines 125, MP2127, and MP4611 pulling four loads and 79 empties. It was now switching at Pearland.

N196 left Vanderbilt at 720AM with engines 4315, MP3143, 3933, and MP4815 pulling 58 loads and 38 empties. It left Angleton at 1125AM with 73 loads and 15 empties and would come into Houston at 135PM with 82 loads and 15 empties.

Missouri Pacific train 194 at Odem, TX
Missouri Pacific trains 193 and 194 at Odem, TX.

N193 departed from Houston at 405AM. It had engines MP2219, MP2067, and MP2128 with 52 loads and 68 empties in tow. It was now switching at Vanderbilt (mp240) and would leave at 1240PM with 66 loads and 50 empties.