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Kennecott GP39 locomotive at Ray Junction, Arizona

Kennecott GP39 locomotive number 2 at Ray Junction, Arizona

Kennecott number 2 is waiting for SP engines 6511, 3541, 6661, 6600, and 6562 to pull the loads by so it can go west and connect to the empties these engines have just brought down from Hayden. The SP handled the copper ore trains for Kennecott between Ray Junction and the smelter in Hayden. The Copper Basin Railway took over this operation in 1986.

Kennecott GP39 locomotive number 1 at Ray Junction, Arizona

Kennecott number 1 moves three gondolas from Ray Junction up toward the Ray Mine. These GP39s were built in 1970. The concentrator near the open pit mine at Ray processes 250,000 ton/day of raw ore and produces about 30,000 ton/day of enhanced ore. This enhanced ore is then moved to Hayden for processing into copper anodes. Asarco purchased the operation from Kennecott in 1986. Disk 57