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Santa Fe Railway freight train at Williams, Arizona

Santa Fe Railway freight train at Williams, Arizona in 1943

Jack's train is approaching Williams. When the Santa Fe added the second mainline in 1923, it straightened out the track just east of the Williams depot. A long fill was built with a bridge over the old US 66. Later US 66 would bridge over the tracks as the small bridge made a very narrow passage for the highway.

In the picture below, the engineer is setting the train air brakes to keep the slack out as we go through Williams. The road coming in on the right in the picture below is US 66. It will duck under the Santa Fe at the bridge just ahead of the train.

Approaching Williams Santa Fe Railway freight train at Williams, Arizona in 1978

This should be almost the exact same point where Jack Delano took his picture as the train came into Williams in 1943. However, my shot was on May 20, 1978 a little more than 35 years after Jack rode the Santa Fe from Chicago to Los Angeles. Hard to believe, but it has been that same time span between when I took this picture and now, 2012 when I modified this webpage. Jack used a standard lens and my picture is zoomed in a bit, so the mountain in the distance seems closer. Train 3152 is going east and will tie up at Winslow. I was on the US66 highway bridge. The old US66 went under the tracks just beyond the red boxcar. The westbound track was removed after the completion of the Crookton Cut-off in 1960. In the background you can see the old roundhouse and running right next to the old US 66 is the original mainline. A small part of that line became the branch line up to the Grand Canyon. Color picture on Disk 73