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Southern Pacific Railroad grade at Fenner, AZ

Southern Pacific Railroad grade at Fenner, AZ

Climbing out of Benson, the railroad does a series of twists and bends to climb up the hill to Dragoon. If you look about 200 feet beyond the signals you can see remnants of the original right of way. The SP straightened the route between Fenner and Sybil in 1958. If you look between the two signals you can see the headend of Extra 8479 East (train TUEPY) coming through Fenner about a mile away. It picked up the copper loads and tank car we saw at Benson yesterday afternoon. Just beyond the train is Interstate 10. Disk 56 above and below

Southern Pacific Railroad train TUEPY near Fenner, AZ Southern Pacific Railroad westbound train near Fenner, AZ

About an hour earlier Extra 9105 West came down the hill on December 3, 1977. Disk 57 above. You can see the original line and how the railroad took out the curves in the satellite view from Google below.

Google earth view of line change near Fenner, AZ