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Burlington Northern Santa Fe
Freight Train Schedules

The following trains were observed during multiple trips I've taken recently between Fort Worth, TX and Flagstaff, AZ. The most recent trip was in May 2011. These are not the actual freight train schedules, but a collection of the trains I saw and the approximate times they were at or near these crew change points. The higher the priority, the closer the observed time should be to the actual schedule. These are not the only trains running on the Transcon, but the ones that seem to operate on a fairly regular basis. These trains do not operate every day and I couldn't be everywhere at all hours of the day. That has left some holes in my data, so you will see that I don't have times for each train at every point. Also remember that Amarillo is in the Central Time Zone, and although Winslow is in the Mountain Time Zone, Arizona does not go to daylight savings time, unless you are on the reservation. Confused yet? Don't feel like you are alone.

Merchandise Trains

The M and H trains handle general freight. These trains are a collection of boxcars, covered hoppers, gondolas, tank cars, etc. Some of these trains exchange cars at Belen and this may delay the train over six hours. This delay is built into the train's schedule. Remember that the information presented here is based on observations, not scheduled departure times.


HALTBEL300P 1100P 800A  
HDENBEL900A 1000A 500P  
HKCKBAR8700P 100A 1000A 500P 
HKCKBAR9600A 800A 400P 100A 
HKCKBEL1201P 200P 200A 
HMEMBAR1000A 1201P 600P 1100P 
HSLABAR 100A 1100A 1000P 
MBELBAR  300P 700P 
MBELPHX  1000P 700A 


HBARGAL800P 400A 1201P 300P 
HBARKCK800P 300A 1100A 330P 
HBARLUB1100P 1000A 
HBARTUL1100P 1100A 
MBARBEL1100P 900A 
MBELAMA 800P 600A 1000A 
MELPAMA 600A 100P 600P 
MPHXBEL1100A 400A 

Quality Service Trains

These trains handle domestic and international containers on double stack equipment. Some of these trains exchange cars at Clovis and this delay can be up to six hours as the train waits for a connecting block.


QALTLAC1201P 400P 100A 1100A 
QATGLAC1000A 200P 1100P 600A 
QCHILAC6600A 800A 400P 1201A 
QCHISBD61000A 1201P 800P 200A 
QLPCLAC400A 600A 300P 900P 
QLPCSCO1200A 1000A 600P 1201A 
QLPCSCO2300P 500P 200A 1100A 
QNYCLAC6600A 1100A 600P 1201P 
QSTLLAC1000P 100A 400P 900P 


QLACATG600P 100A 200P 500P 
QLACCHI6 700A 1201P 400P 
QLACLPC700P 500A   
QLACPEA600P 1000A   
QLHALPC400P 700A   
QSBDCHI61201P 500A 200P 500P 

Stack Train Service

These trains handle primarily international containers on double stack equipment. Some of these trains exchange cars at Clovis and this delay can be over six hours as the train waits for a connecting block.


SALTSCO 700A  100A 
SCLOSCO 600P 100A 900A 
SHOULAC 200A 100P 800P 
SHOUSCO 400A 100P 800P 
SKCKSCO400A 700A 300P 1201A 
SLPCLGB800A 1000A 700P 100A 
SMEMSCO900P 1100P  700P 


SLBPCLO1100P 800A   
SLBPLPC900P 200P   
SLHALPC 900P 1100A 100P 
SLHTLPC300P 500P 600A 1000A 

Expedited Service

These trains handle domestic containers and piggyback trailers. Some of these trains may pick up or setout at Clovis and this may add up to three hours in terminal delay at Clovis.


ZALTNBY 800P  800A 
ZALTSBD 600P  600A 
ZALTSTO 700P  700A 
ZATGLAC1000P 200A  600P 
ZCHIPHX800P   1000A 
ZCLOPHX 1201A 500A 1000A 
ZKCKLAC1000A  800P 100A 
ZKCKNBY 600A 200P 600P 
ZKCKSBD100P 300P 900P 300A 
ZMEMLAC900A 1100A 400P 1000P 
ZNYCLAC900A 1100A 500P 1201A 
ZWSPLAC100P 300P 1000P 400A 
ZWSPNBY700P  700A 1201P 
ZWSPPHX200P 400P 1000P 400A 
ZWSPSBD100A 300A  100P 
ZWSPSTO1201A 200A  100P 


ZFRSCHI300A 1000A 400P 800P 
ZLACALT700A 200P 800P 1000P 
ZLACATG1201P 800P 200A 500A 
ZLACCHI800P 400A  1201P 
ZLACMEM900P 300A 1000A 300P 
ZLACNYC200A 900A 200P 500P 
ZLACWSP100A 700A 1201P 300P 
ZNBYWSP500A 1201P 300P 500P 
ZSBDWSP300A 1100A 600P 800P 
ZSTOWSP300A 1000A 300P 500P 

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