Railroad Bridge and Trestle Photographs

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Burlington Northern train 81 on multiple span plate girder bridge at Sandpoint, Idaho

The railroad bridge and trestle picture gallery is a collection of train photographs I have taken over the years. This is not a report on all of the various kinds of railroad bridges. It is just an index of pictures of trains on bridges. If you would like to know more about bridges see bridge basics. This will open another window so you will not lose your place. After viewing the basics, you should be able to spot the difference between a Warren and a Pratt truss bridge.

Bridges are fascinating structures. By using a variety of different types and styles the early railroad builders were able to cross countless rivers and streams. Trains appear to defy gravity as they cross bodies of water without getting their feet wet.

Train 297 at Waxhaw, NC

Southern Railway

Southern Rwy near Andrews Geyser
Southern Rwy Mill Creek bridge
Norfolk Southern at Bridge Seven
4501 near Front Royal, VA
B&O at Harpers Ferry, WV

Southern Pacific

Southern Pacific Pecos River Bridge
SP at Richland Creek Bridge
Southern Pacific at Sanderson, TX
SP at Anacacho, TX
SP at Mermentau River Drawbridge

Santa Fe

Santa Fe at Godley, TX
Santa Fe at Grandbury, TX
Santa Fe at Kopperl, TX
Santa Fe at the Pecos River Bridge
Santa Fe at Sais, NM
Amtrak at Spring Creek, CO
Santa Fe at the Rio Puerco Bridge
Santa Fe at Holy Moses Wash
Santa Fe at the Colorado River
Santa Fe near Deming, NM

Union Pacific

UP near South Morrill, NE
UP in Weber Canyon
UP at Strawberry, UT
UP at Devils Slide, UT
UP at Cheyenne, WY
CNW at Clinton, Iowa
Burlington Northern at Larkspur, CO

Western Pacific in the Feather River Canyon

Western Pacific at Rock Creek trestle
WP at Tobin, CA
WP near Keddie, CA
Meet on the Keddie Wye
Western Pacific at the Keddie Wye
WP train 171 on the High Line
WP train 138 on the High Line
Southern Pacific at Palisade, NV
UP at Palisade, NV
Santa Fe at Caliente, CA
Southern Pacific at Rowen, CA
SP at Winchester, OR
Burlington Northern at Sandpoint, ID
BN at Java, MT
UP at Reservation, WA
Milwaukee Road at Western Jct, WA

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