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Santa Fe Railway New Barstow Yard

Santa Fe's new Barstow Yard

Construction of the new Barstow Yard was completed in February 1976. After going over the hump, cars are routed into one of 48 classification tracks. The hump yard classifies over 1,000 cars a day.

Former Alco Alligator switches at the new Barstow Yard

The new yard has been open almost two years and has modified power for the hump. Engine 1301 is former Alco Alligator 826. Engine 826 was built in May 1960. The San Bernardino shops re-engined three of the big Alcos with components from EMD in 1976 and converted three other units to work with these CRSD20s as slugs. Engine 1301 and a slug shuffle cars on November 3, 1977. Disk 50