Picture Gallery of Canadian Pacific,
British Columbia Railway,
Canadian National, and BC Hydro Trains
in Western Canada

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Beautiful magnificent Canada. The place where it is hard to take a bad picture. I have only made a couple trips to Canada and I want to go back again. There are high rugged mountains, blue rivers, lots of trains and almost thirty years ago, Alcos on the British Columbia Railway. What more could a railfan want?

Canadian Pacific unit grain train at Field, British Columbia, Canada

My first trip into Canada was in the early summer of 1979. I returned the following year, but was rained out for most of that trip. In 1981, I returned with my new bride on our honeymoon. Most of my best pictures are from that trip. Thanks Ruth.

Since then, I have made two other short trips into Canada. A jaunt across the plains in 1985 and a one day visit in 1987 when the Canadian Pacific and Canadian National were on strike. Fortunately, the BC Hydro was operating. I was hoping to return for our 25th wedding anniversary, but we lacked both the time and the money to get away. I have updating the pictures in this gallery and added more pages.

The following picture pages are arranged from East to West and then North to South. We begin on the Great Plains in southern Saskatchewan and finish on the West Coast near Squamish, BC. I am trying something new and placing several pictures on a single page, so some of these pages may be slow to open as some contain up to four pictures on a single page.

Canadian Pacific Train Pictures in Saskatchewan and Alberta

Extra 5857 Lang, Saskatchewan

Extra 5857 Rouleau, Saskatchewan

Extra 5837 Banff, Alberta

Eastbound Canadian Castle Mountain

Canadian Pacific Train Pictures in

Southeastern British Columbia

Extra 5816 Elko

Train 44 Elko

Train 44 Caithness

Extra 5816 Galloway

Train 44 Cranbrook

Train 44 Fort Steele

Extra 5800 Spillimacheen

Train 80 Spillimacheen

Extra 5800 McMurdo

Extra 5824 Golden

Extra 5857 Kicking Horse Pass

Train 67 Divide

Extra 5747 Divide

Extra 5837 Divide

Via Train 1 Yoho

Train 67 Yoho

Extra 5859 Cathedral

Via Train 1 Cathedral

Extra 5837 Cathedral

Extra 5859 Field

Extra 5758 Field

Extra 5826 Field

Extra 5859 Field

Extra 5859 Ottertail

Extra 5826 Glenogle

Via Train 1 Glenogle

Extra 5797 Glenogle

Extra 5622 Golden

Train 67 Golden

Canadian National Train Pictures in British Columbia

Train 413 Lucerne

Train 413 Grant Brook

Train 413 Albreda

Extra 5303 Lempriere

Extra 5328 Lempriere

Train 796 Rayleigh

Extra 5602 Kamloops

Extra 5188 Kamloops

Train 796 Kamloops

Train Pictures in the Thompson and Frazer River Canyons

Caboose at Savona

Eastbound Canadian Semlin

Extra 5338 Ashcroft

Extra 5267 Ashcroft

Extra 5185 Lytton

Train 758 Lytton

Extra 5185 Boston Bar

Extra 5273 Boston Bar

Extra 5692 North Bend

Extra 5829 Saddle Rock

Sumas Turn Clayburn

British Columbia Hydro Train Pictures

Extra 907 Huntingdon

Extra 907 Norton

Extra 907 South Sumas

British Columbia Railway Train Pictures

Extra 721 Exeter

Train 26 Exeter

Train 1 Pavilion

Alcos in Lillooet Yard

Train 16 Cheakamus

Train 16 Squamish

Engines 719 and 761 Squamish

Train 2 Britannia