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ATSF Railway work trains at Ludlow, CA

ATSF Railway work trains at Ludlow, CA

Ludlow was once a junction point with three railroad. The Tonopah and Tidewater Railroad built north from Ludlow in 1905 to reach gold mines in Nevada. The portion from Ludlow north to the junction with the Union Pacific at Crucero was abandoned in 1933 after a major flood. The Ludlow and Southern went to Buckeye Mining District eight miles south of town. The mines shut down around 1910 and the rails were pulled up in 1935.

About two weeks before I took this picture, the normally super dry desert experienced major flooding and many of the bridges were washed out. The road between Ludlow and Amboy was still shut down so I couldn't chase trains along that stretch. On November 2, 1977 Extra 3341 West and another work train are shuffling around the yard at Ludlow trying to get their trains tied down for the night. Disk 49 above

ATSF Railway trains at Ludlow, CA

Jack's train is in the siding at Ludlow. You can see the headend power to the left. An eastbound train loaded with equipment for the war has also stopped in town on the other siding. I'm guessing that the east and westbound mail trains are due.

ATSF Railway eastbound train at Ludlow, CA

Steve got this picture of an eastbound train grinding out of Ludlow headed up to Ash Hill in September 1972. This is the old US 66 railroad crossing east of Ludlow.