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Union Pacific Railroad freight train at ATSF Railway Barstow East Tower

ATSF East Tower Barstow, CA

Barstow was originally named Waterman when the Southern Pacific Railroad constructed the line from Mojave to Needles to stop the advance of the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad. When the Santa Fe Railway took over this line it was renamed Barstow in honor of Santa Fe's president William Barstow Strong. The Union Pacific Railroad gained trackage rights over the Santa Fe between Daggett and Riverside in April 1905. East Tower controlled the short stretch of CTC from the east end of the old Barstow Yard to Daggett. On February 18, 1974 Union Pacific Railroad Extra 6906 East glides by the tower on the north main. East Barstow is at an elevation of 2,050 feet.

Santa Fe yard Barstow, CA

At the other end of the yard, Extra 4572 West (train 368) is moving out of the yard and will soon be headed for Cajon Pass and San Bernardino. The bridge going over the yard is the old US Highway 91 to Las Vegas. Disk 50