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Picture Gallery of Santa Fe Railway trains
on the Needles and Mojave Subdivisions

ATSF Extra 8090 West at Boron on the Mojave Subdivision

In 1882, the SP started building a line from Mojave to Needles to head off the advancing Atlantic & Pacific. This line was completed in 1883. The main objective was to keep competitors out of California. Through some horse trading the line to Needles became part of the Santa Fe and lines south of the Arizona Territory into Mexico became part of the Southern Pacific.

The first installation of automatic block signals on the ATSF Coast Lines was a 2 mile stretch at the north end of Needles in 1907. These were the lower quadrant semaphore signals. ATSF completed installation of automatic block signals from Barstow east to Daggett in December 1911. The signals were US&S, alternating current, 3-position upper-quadrant Style-S. Most of the signals on the Needles District were this type. ATSF installed an 18 lever GRS interlocking machine at Daggett. The railroad completed installation of automatic block signals between Needles and Goffs in October 1912. It completed the installation of automatic block signals between Daggett and Bagdad on double track (69 miles) in 1918 and completed the installation of automatic block signals between Goffs and Bagdad on double track (61 miles) in 1919.

The 72 miles of single track from Barstow to Mojave had 119 US&S color light signals added in 1932. CTC was completed from Barstow to Mojave in 1960 controlled via microwave from Fresno.

The Santa Fe completed the installation of radios on 25 freight locomotives and 11 cabooses assigned to runs between Bakersfield and Barstow in April 1949. This was the first operating district on the railroad to be completely radio equipped.

The line from Needles up to Ibis received CTC in 1999. This was extended to Goffs in 2000 and west to Daggett in 2001. All of my photographs in this series are on disks 49 and 50. I have also added pictures taken by Jack Delano in 1943 and my brother Steve during the 70s. One page will have a link to the Santa Fe Hot 27.

For those modeling the Santa Fe in the late 60s, the library contains a series of pages with detailed freight train consists. The trains featured on those pages were observed at Winslow and Barstow. As reference, I've added timetables from the Needles and Mojave Subdivisions.

Barstow East Tower
West Tower
East Mojave