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Picture Gallery of Southern Pacific Railroad
and Amtrack trains on the Coast Subdivision

Southern Pacific Railroad freight train by CTC signal on the Coast Subdivision

The Coast Route was built by the Southern Pacific Railroad as an alternate route from the Bay area to Los Angeles. It was completed in March 1901 with the southern portion connecting with the Valley route at Saugus. In 1904, a shorter route was completed between Montalvo (near Ventura), through Chatsworth, to Burbank. CTC was completed between Santa Margarita and San Luis Obispo, 16.6 miles, in August 1942. The Cuesta CTC machine was located at the SLO depot until 1964, when it moved to Third and Townsend. The SP removed 19 semaphore signals, converted 43 to color light and added 14 new color light signals between Gaviota and Santa Barbara 30 miles in 1947. In 1950, SP planned to replace old semaphore signals with searchlight signals San Luis Obispo to Carmalia, and Montalvo to Chatsworth. All photographs are on disk 52.

Paso Robles
Santa Margarita
San Luis Obispo
Santa Barbara