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SP Railroad train symbol FMS at Norden (Donner Pass)

SP Railroad train symbol FMS on Donner Pass at Norden, CA

Train FMS (Forwarder Merchandise Special) crests the summit at Norden on May 14, 1973. This train was scheduled out of Ogden at 12:30AM. If on-time it would be out of Sparks at 12:01PM. The elevation here is 6,890 feet.

SP Railroad train symbol FMS at Norden

In 1930, SP added a GRS model 2 56 lever interlocking at Norden to control 8 switches, 5 crossovers, 4 derails and 62 signals. Helpers were cut out of all heavy freight trains and the engines turned on the turntable between the two main tracks. At the time there were 6 passenger and 16 freight trains a day. During 1929, before the Depression, there were up to 36 freight trains a day. Disk 27