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Picture Gallery of Southern Pacific Railroad
Trains on the Sunset Route
from Los Angeles to Yuma

Southern Pacific train on the Sunset Route between Los Angeles and Yuma

The Southern Pacific built east from Los Angeles in 1875 and went over Beaumont Hill, a gap between the San Gorgonio and San Jacinto mountains east of Colton. The tracks rise from 950 feet at the east end of Colton to 2,600 feet at Beaumont, then drops to 650 feet at Garnet. The maximum grade on the west side of the pass is 1.9 percent and is 2.0 percent on the east side. The railroad reached Indio in May 1876 and reached Yuma in September 1877. A unique feature of this line is that it is the only main line in the country to operate at 200 feet below sea level.

Here is an idea of what traffic was like in the 1919. The January 1920 Southern Pacific Bulletin reported that during a one week period in November, the SP ran 42 passenger trains, 68 freight trains, 51 light engines eastbound with 43 passenger trains, 39 freight trains, 102 light engines running westbound over Beaumont Hill. This averaged 49 movements a day.

To handle all this traffic, the SP installed block signals during the 1920s. There were train order stations at Colton, Bryn Mawr, El Casco, Beaumont, Banning, Palm Springs, Garnet, Edom, Indio,
Mecca, Niland, Araz, and Yuma. CTC was installed over Beaumont Hill from Colton to Indio in April 1944. In 1948, CTC was installed between Los Angeles and Colton. And then in 1956 CTC was installed between Indio and Yuma. By 1960, CTC was in service on all of the single track sections from Los Angeles to El Paso.

With the increase in freight traffic on the Sunset Route, the SP decided to lengthen sidings on Beaumont Hill in the 50s. The result was double track from Ordway to Beaumont on the west side of the hill and overlapping sidings on the east side. The double track was lengthened from Ordway down to Loma Linda in 1973 when the new classification yard at West Colton was under construction. With the increase in container traffic, the Union Pacific has continued to add double track to the Sunset Route. The two segments of double track between Beaumont and Cabazon (the western most long siding) had a second track added in 2000. The double track was extended down the hill to Garnet in 2007, reached Indio in 2008 and completed to the west side of the Colorado Bridge in 2009. The current project is building a bridge over the BNSF mainline at Colton.

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Taylor Yard
City of Industry
El Monte
Whittier Jct
Bloomington Yard
Colton Tower
Loma Linda
El Casco
West Palm Springs
Salt Creek Trestle