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There was a traffic jam between Monolith and Cameron on November 26, 1977. A westbound train stalled coming out of Mojave so several other westbound trains used the normal eastbound track up to Cameron to get around the stricken train. This has held up several eastbound trains. To the left is Extra 5944 East stopped behind train 918 (Extra 5922 East). Coming up the westbound track is train WCEUY (Extra 9120 West). The elevation here is 3,850 feet. The grade for westbound trains begins to flatten out here. There was a wye to turn helpers at Eric about a half mile behind me. The wye was removed around 1965. The freeway now goes bridges over the tracks at that location.

A similar situation occurred on May 22, 1978. Here the first section of train 517 is moving from the normal eastbound main back to the westbound main through the spring switches at Cameron. A short time later Extra 8777 West shows up. Disk 47