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Southern Pacific Railroad trains at East Mojave

Googe satellite view of East Mojave

In 1943 the SP extended Mojave yard to the south. The Santa Fe rerouted their main line to access the improved yard. In the satellite image above, you can see a westbound BNSF stack train doing a little zig-zag as it comes into the south end of Mojave from Barstow. The original line constructed by the SP to meet the Atlantic and Pacific at Needles started just south of the Mojave depot and ran southeast to what is now Edwards Air Force Base. The tracks (just southeast of the depot, the former main line plus two sidings) were still in place until the late 60s. I can remember an SD24 and Alco RSD15 parking a long string of empty reefers on one of the sidings here in the Spring of 1967. But I think the tracks were gone by 1970.

Santa Fe train 918 at East Mojave

During the later part of the Second World War, the SP set up a train order office here at East Mojave. The station was closed near the end of 1955. The interlocking control panel for the motorized switches and signals at the south end of the yard was moved to the Mojave depot. Train 918 (Extra 5513 East) is shifting off of the SP trackage back to home rails for the run to Barstow on November 21, 1977. A little later Extra 9123 West goes by as Extra 9030 East waits at the end of double track, while the power for Extra 9301 East switches cars at the south end of the yard. Disk 48

Southern Pacific Railroad trains at East Mojave