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Picture Gallery of
Southern Pacific Railroad and
Santa Fe Railway trains
in the Tehachapi Mountains

Southern Pacific train comes through Tehachapi in the winter and has almost conquered the Tehachapi Mountains. Photo by Steve Carr

This is the largest section in the CarrTracks Picture Gallery. It has 138 pages and 356 of my pictures plus 41 from Steve Carr, my brother. Some pages have a link to the Santa Fe Hot 27.

For this series we will follow Southern Pacific trackage from Bakersfield southeast over the Tehachapi Mountains to Mojave. The SP pushed the line down the San Joaquin Valley in 1874 and began building over the Tehachapi in 1875. Tunnels were the biggest holdup for construction. The longest of the 18 tunnels on the stretch between Bakersfield and Tehachapi was 1,156ft and wasn't completed until March 1876. At the same time crews were building northward from Los Angeles. The longest tunnel was the San Fernando tunnel at 6,966ft. Work began on this tunnel in March 1875 and was completed in July 1876. The two lines met at Lang in Soledad Canyon on September 5, 1876. The Southern Pacific then had a line connecting central California with Los Angeles.

In 1882, the SP started building a line to Needles to headoff the Atlantic & Pacific. This was completed in 1883. The main objective was to keep competitors out of California. Through some horse trading the line to Needles became part of the Santa Fe. In 1899, the Santa Fe secured trackage rights over the Southern Pacific between Mojave and Bakersfield. As a reference, I've added a Mojave Subdivision timetable.

All of my pictures in this series are on disks 40 through 48. You can purchase a disk and printout any of the pictures for your own use to dress up your train room or add color to a house that just cries out for more train pictures.

Kern Jct (Bakersfield)
Tunnel 1
Tunnel 2
Tunnel 3
Tunnel 5
Tunnel 7
Tehachapi Loop
Tunnels 14, 15, 16, and 17
Summit Switch
East Mojave

SP freight train at Bealville