Friday August 7, 1987
on the Union Pacific

Chicago to North Little Rock, AR

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From Chicago, the route (exC&EI) is double track and shared with CSX to Woodland Jct. (mp83). It splits into two routes at Findlay Jct. (mp185). The western route once joined the old NYC (abandoned by Conrail now UP) at Pana (mp205) and goes to St. Louis. From St. Louis (Valley Jct. mp0) the freight route, shared with the SSW, follows the Mississippi River and crosses the river at Illmo (mp124), then uses SSW trackage for 46 miles to Dexter (mp191). The eastern route joins at Gorham (mp84). The mileposts decrease going into Poplar Bluff (mp165), then increase going toward North Little Rock (mp343). The eastern route goes almost due south, uses Conrail trackage (exPRR) for 3.4 miles at St. Elmo (mp224), then swings southwest at Benton (mp302), and joins the western route at Gorham (mp339).

HOCHZ left Houston at 900PM on the 5th with 44 loads and engines MP9047 and MP9053. It departed North Little Rock at 240PM yesterday with 43 loads and 29 empties. It set three loads out at Bald Knob and set the 29 empties out at Flinton. At Dupo, it set out 19 loads, picked up one load, and departed at 220AM with 22 loads, 1,774 tons. It was held up for 20 minutes getting around the KCCH at Villa Grove. It tied up at Chicago at 930AM. This afternoon's CHFWZ would leave with these same units.

FWCHZ left Fort Worth at 1025PM on the 5th with 27 loads and 14 empties. It set out the 14 empties at Mesquite. It left Texarkana yesterday at 1040AM with 36 loads. It set out 17 cars at Bald Knob and departed at 540PM. It set out two loads at Dupo and left at 350AM. It met AIZ at Villa Grove (mp145) and CHKC at Glover (mp126). It was now pulling into Yard Center right on time with 17 loads, 1,177 tons, pulled by engines 4158 and 3699.

XHOCHZ with engines MP9041 and MP9049 had set out nine auto racks and three piggyback flats at Dupo and left at 440AM. It met CHDAZ at Cadwell (mp169). It was approaching Thornton Jct. (mp20) and would be in Yard Center at 1215PM with 20 loads, 1,412 tons.

KCCH departed from Kansas City yesterday at 315PM after waiting for 33 cars from the SSW for the BRC. It left Lenox at 120AM with engines MP3246 and MP3091. It met CHHOZ at Joan (mp248). At Findlay, it set out seven loads and 18 empties for Yard Center and picked up 31 loads and six empties (set out last night by the NLCH) for the Belt Rwy of Chicago. After the arrival of the CHDAZ, it departed Villa Grove at 715AM. It now had 60 loads and 65 empties, 9,152 tons, and was rattling over the EJ&E crossing at Jay Tower (mp27).

Missouri Pacific train symbol LCB at Watseka, IL
Missouri Pacific train symbol LCB at Watseka, IL

NLCHB left North Little Rock yesterday at 340PM with engines 4257, MP3152, and MP3272. It departed Poplar Bluff at 915PM with 81 loads and 33 empties, 10,444 tons. It went into emergency at Ives (mp179), discovered a bad train line on one car, and set it out on the elevator track. After changing crews at Salem (mp252), it departed at 430AM, and met the CHDAZ at Findlay. At Villa Grove, it met the CHKC and had the new crew change the battery in the EOT. With horns blaring, it was now bearing down on the old TP&W crossing at Watseka (mp77).

Missouri Pacific train symbol CFZ at Watseka, IL
Missouri Pacific train symbol CFZ at Watseka, IL

CHNL had engines 4248, 1705 (dead), and 4146 keeping the slack out of 38 loads and 52 empties, 4,080 tons. It was now thundering toward Goodwine (mp94). It would pick up one load of auto parts at Findlay for Reisor, LA and move the car to Salem for the INFW.

CHKC left Chicago at 600AM with engines MP4829 and MP3201 pulling 16 loads and 37 empties, 2,673 tons. It spent an hour at Villa Grove picking up eight loads and 17 empties in block. It departed at 1100AM with 24 loads and 54 empties, 4,032 tons. It was now accelerating out of Pana (mp205).

AIZ with engines MP3319 and MP3181 had just picked up 17 loads and two empties at Salem. Earlier, it departed from Yard Center at 512AM and picked up two loads at Chicago Heights (mp28) giving it 34 loads and 32 empties, 3,611 tons. It left Villa Grove at 845AM with 27 loads and 17 empties, 2,340 tons. It would leave Salem at 1205PM with 44 loads and 19 empties, 3,839 tons. It would pick up two cars for San Antonio at Gorham set out by the ASNL. At Bald Knob, it would set out 24 cars for Little Rock and pick up five cars for San Antonio.

NLAST departed from North Little Rock last night at 1020PM with engines MP5006, 3729, and MP3211 pulling 33 loads and 34 empties. After meeting the AIZ, it left Bald Knob at 1240AM with 58 loads and 34 empties, 7,100 tons. After leaving Bald Knob, engine MP5006 died, kicking low oil, low water, and ground relay. It met the CHFWZ and CHNL at Poplar Bluff and departed at 420AM. It arrived at Valley Jct. at 1005AM and the yard crew had just delivered 31 of its piggybacks to Conrail.

CCMWE was called to leave Dupo at 1220PM and would be turned over to Conrail at Momence (mp50). After returning from Conrail, the empties would be held at Villa Grove until Monday and would be routed via Salem and Mt. Vernon to load out at Burning Star No. 2 on Tuesday the 11th.

NLAS left North Little Rock yesterday at 310PM with 66 loads and 66 empties pulled by engines 3570, MP5049, 3596, 3603, and 4223. At Poplar Bluff, it set out the rear 46 cars and engines 3596, 3603, and 4223. After meeting AIZ and letting HOCHZ, HOPI, NLCHB, and FWCHZ pass, it left Poplar Bluff at 940PM with 57 loads and 29 empties, 7,678 tons. It let the HOCHZ pass it at Ives (mp179). It picked up one car at Dexter (mp190) around midnight and picked up 39 cars at Flinton. It tied up in the Alton and Southern Yard at 630AM.

CWECM arrived at Dupo yesterday and would load out at Captain Mine on Monday.

FWIN departed Fort Worth at 525PM on the 5th with three loads and 19 empties. It picked up one load and 63 empties at Mesquite and 26 loads at Longview. It came into North Little Rock with 30 loads and 53 empties, traded engines MP3291, 2447, and MP3133 for 3307, MP3060, and MP3265, and departed at 630PM with 57 loads and 48 empties. It picked up seven loads at Bald Knob and arrived in Salem at 510AM with 64 loads and 48 empties, 9,427 tons. It traded power, picked up three loads and left Salem at 630AM with engines MP2329, 2137, and MP3279. It was delayed at the ICG crossing at Kinmundy (mp242) for nearly an hour and was turned over to Conrail at St. Elmo at 825AM.

NLCH left North Little Rock last night at 905PM with 39 loads and 81 empties and had engines MP3291, 2447, and MP3133. These units came into North Little Rock on the FWIN. It set out 20 cars, picked up four and left Poplar Bluff at 210AM with 41 loads and 63 empties, 6,981 tons. It picked up four loads at Dexter, met ASNL at Paront, set out one load at Delta, and set out one load at Gorham for Chester (mp63). It arrived in Salem at 850AM and was waiting for a 100PM call. Later at Findlay, it would set out 50 cars for the BRC for the next KCCH and then pick up 12 cars for Yard Center.

NYDAZ was racing across eastern Illinois and was due into Salem at 130PM. It had engines 244, CR3298, and CR1980 stretching the slack on 37 loads at 2,314 tons. Later this evening, it would set out 10 Houston piggybacks at Bald Knob for the CHHOT.

CZ1BY was loading at Ziegler Mine 11 (mp51) on the Sparta Branch and would add engine 3337 at Sparta.

Missouri Pacific train symbol DH at Gorham, IL
Missouri Pacific train symbol DH near Gorham, IL

CHDAZ with engines MP9034 and MP9052 pulling 43 loads and one empty, 3,349 tons, was approaching Gorham (mp84). It departed from Yard Center at 420AM this morning with 32 loads and one empty, 2,375 tons. It came into Salem at 955AM, set out the San Antonio piggyback for the AIZ, and picked up 11 loads. It would arrive at Poplar Bluff at 300PM and later set out one load of UPS at North Little Rock.

INHO met FWIN at St. Peter and added 23 cars at Salem. It left Salem at 910AM with engines MP3265 and MP3060 pulling 22 loads and 65 empties, 4,597 tons. It was rolling out of Potts (mp108) and would pick up 41 cars for Houston at Newport.

CB5RT was near Capedeau Jct. and would soon be turned over to the BN for the run to Rush Tower for unloading.

INFW arrived in Salem at 225AM with engines 2450 and MP3513 pulling 57 loads and 20 empties, 5,211 tons. After trading power and switching the train, it departed from Salem at 520AM with 71 loads and 17 empties, 5,585 tons, and engines MP3249 and MP4848. It met NLCH at Bush (mp315). At Gorham, it picked up three loads for Arlington and six loads and four empties for Reisor. It met SP train LFASM at Illmo and SP train SRASM at Randles. It would arrive in Poplar Bluff at 120PM with 80 loads and 21 empties, 6,438 tons. Later, it would pick up 38 loads and 11 empties for Fort Worth at Guernsey (mp463).

CHHOZ left Yard Center last night at 845PM with 24 loads, 1,700 tons, pulled by engines 4232 and MP3112. It met the NLCH at Block (mp136), met KCCH at Joan (mp248), picked up nine loads at Dupo, and departed with 33 loads, 2,281 tons. It met SP train LFASM at Avert, left Poplar Bluff at 1010AM, and was now scurrying along near Alicia (mp239). It would pick up eight loads at Bald Knob and leave at 125PM.

ASAL was at Newport (mp262). It left Valley Jct. at 240AM with engines MP6026, MP6067, and 3563 pulling 12 loads and 46 empties, 2,690 tons. It departed from Poplar Bluff at 920AM with five loads and 27 empties, 1,444 tons. It would pick up 42 cars at North Little Rock for Alexandria.

MLN left Memphis at 1055PM last night following the SMU. MLN had engines SBD8042 and SBD8041 pulling 13 loads and 29 empties. After picking up and meeting the LMI, it departed Wynne at 255AM with 31 loads and 40 empties. It met NLME and UMS at New Augusta (mp300). After picking up more cars, it left Bald Knob at 540AM with 50 loads and 77 empties and tied up at North Little Rock at 725AM.

MLI departed from Memphis at 1230AM with engines MP3008, MP3512, MP3278, and 3313 pulling 21 loads and 17 empties. It picked up the 10 loads and 19 empties set out by the SMU at Crawfordsville (mp362) and met the LMI at Fair Oaks (mp319). After meeting the NLME and setting out two piggybacks for Houston, it left Bald Knob at 605AM with 29 loads and 36 empties. It tied up at North Little Rock at 750AM.

Union Pacific train symbol CHHOZ Bald Knob, AR
Union Pacific train symbol CHHOZ Bald Knob, AR

CHNL left Chicago at 1130AM yesterday with 24 loads and 44 empties, 3,333 tons, pulled by engines MP3317 and MP3227. It picked up at Villa Grove and departed at 455PM with 35 loads and 48 empties, 4,876 tons. The hot box detector at (mp179) detected two hot journals on the fifth car. The car was set out on the storage track at Findlay. It left Salem at 940PM, set out and picked up at Mt. Vernon (mp275), met HOPI at Grimsby (mp336), and arrived in North Little Rock at 950AM with 22 loads and 51 empties, 4,080 tons.

ASNL left Valley Jct. yesterday at 910PM with engines 2929, MP3136, MP2028, MP3092, 2274, and MP2333 pulling 44 loads and 30 empties, 5089 tons. It set out four loads and one empty and picked up three loads at Flinton. At Gorham, it set out three loads for Arlington, six loads and four empties for Reisor and two loads for San Antonio. It left Poplar Bluff at 630AM with 71 loads and 31 empties, 8,820 tons, and arrived in North Little Rock at 1140AM.

LMN was being put together at North Little Rock and the crew would be called at 1230PM. It would have engines MP2215, SBD8041, and SBD8042. The Seaboard engines came in this morning on the MLN. Engine MP2215 would be set out at Bald Knob for the LAC64 along with 34 loads and 13 empties for the Southern Rwy. It would pick up three cars at Bald Knob and 12 cars at Wynne for the Seaboard System.

NLCHB was called for 300PM and would have engines MP9035, MP9037, MP9057, and MP9038.

NLAS was called for 345PM and would have engines MP3517, MP3151, and MP6065. It would set out 40 cars at Poplar Bluff.