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Steam engine ATSF 1819 2-6-2 at Lamar, CO

steam engine ATSF 1819 2-6-2 at Lamar, CO

After my father-in-law passed away, my wife came across these two pictures in his collection of pictures. Bob was a bush pilot and flew the Helio Currier into small airstrips cut into the jungles of Equador and the Philippines. He had lots of pictures of airplanes. So finding a train picture in his collection was a rare find. I don't know why he was in Lamar, but it had to be after I married into the family and he thought he would take this for me. Time passed and he forgot that he even took the picture.

ATSF 1819 plaque at Lamar, CO

This is the plaque that has all the information about the locomotive and when it was donated to Lamar. Thanks Bob for thinking of me so many years ago.