Sample of BNSF IOG symbol description
from the 2008 coal train book

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IOG to Texas Municipal Power�s Gibbons Creek power plant at Iola, TX (12 miles south of North Zulch). The plant was completed in 1983 and can produce 444 megawatts. The plant shut down the Gibbons Creek lignite mine and switched to PRB coal in 1996 to lower its sulfur dioxide emissions. The lignite mine produced 3.2 million tons of coal in 1995. In July 2003, Texas Municipal Power signed a six year coal contract for 2.1 million tons per year from the Cordero Rojo complex with the Jacobs Ranch mine as a backup source. The distance from the Cordero mine is 1,412 miles. These trains used mostly FURX gondolas and also some cars with EXEX and COEH reporting marks. Train length varied from 115 to 118 cars. In 2004, trains loaded at Cordero five times a month, Caballo Rojo five times a month, and occasionally at Jacobs Ranch. The trains used 130 FURX, GRBX, WFAX, and ETRX gondolas. In 2005, trains loaded at Cordero six times a month and at Caballo Rojo five times a month. The plant consumed 173,000 tons of coal per month. In 2006 trains loaded at Cordero almost seven times a month and at Caballo Rojo seven times a month. There were four or five train sets of WFCX, CEFX, and ALMX gondolas and train length varied from 108 to 128 cars. During 2007, trains loaded at Cordero almost five times a month, at the Antelope mine once a month, and occasionally at Rawhide. In early 2008, the Caballo Rojo mine loaded seven trains a month and Cordero loaded about five trains a month. Train length was usually around 120 cars.

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