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Union Pacific local LCG04 at Greeley, CO

Union Pacific local LCG04 at Greeley, CO

Before we get to Cheyenne we are going to take another little detour. Fifty-two miles north of Denver, local LCG04 with engines 122 and 134 pulls out of Greeley, CO in the late afternoon of September 19, 1987. Not far behind it is train DENP. Six miles south is the junction with the now abandoned line between La Salle and Julesburg. The DENP and its predecessors used this route as a short-cut to bypass Cheyenne.

Union Pacific train DENP at Hazeltine, CO

Eleven miles north of Denver at Hazeltine, train DENP heads north to Cheyenne with engines 3290, 3939, and 3441. Years ago this train would have taken the short cut between La Salle and Julesburg. Train DENP had 25 loads and 54 empties at 4,065 tons. Disk 76

Union Pacific engines 3290, 3939, and 3441 on train DENP at Hazeltine

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