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The D&RGW, AT&SF, C&S Joint Line
around Palmer Lake, CO

BN train 91 at Palmer Lake

For this series we will follow D&RGW, AT&SF trackage from near Castle Rock south to Colorado Springs. The Denver and Rio Grande built the line from Denver to Pueblo as narrow gauge in 1872, added third rail in 1881. It became standard gauge in 1902. The Santa Fe built a standard gauge line north from Pueblo to Denver in 1887. It had to bridge over the Rio Grande at Fountain, Spruce and Sedalia. The Santa Fe began handling trains for the Colorado & Southern in 1900. The Santa Fe and Rio Grande began sharing trackage in 1917 during World War I when the government took over all railroad operations. The Santa Fe bridges were removed and the track realigned at that time. ATSF installed 118 US&S signals on its 104 miles of track between Bragdon and Denver in 1947. At the same time the D&RGW installed 95 GRS signals on its track. CTC between Bragdon and Pueblo added on the D&RGW track in 1948 and the ATSF track in 1949. The steepest grade is 1.4 percent from Sedalia to Palmer Lake and then down to Academy. The rest of the line is one percent or less. In 1974, the Santa Fe track was removed from Palmer Lake to Crews (south of Colorado Springs) and the D&RGW segment had CTC added.

Palmer Lake is one of the prettiest places on the line and we will spend quite a bit of time at this location. All pictures in this series are on disks 38. You can purchase a disk and printout any of the pictures for your own use to dress up your train room or add color to a house that just cries out for more train pictures.

Palmer Lake
Colorado Springs