ATSF Railway CF7 locomotive 2439 at Wharton, Texas

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ATSF Railway CF7 locomotive 2439 on local 2726 at Wharton, Texas

Doing the work she was modified to do, engine 2439 leads local 2726 north through Wharton, TX on October 21, 1977. The post beside the engine has a board nailed to it at 45 degrees. This is an advanced signal for the automatic interlocking signals at the junction of the Southern Pacific.

This rail line was built by the Cane Belt Railroad. Initially the railroad built south from Eagle Lake, TX eleven miles to Bonus in 1898. The line was extended south to Wharton and north to Sealy in 1900. The line continued to build south reaching Bay City in 1901 and Matagorda in 1903. The line was sold to the Gulf Colorado & Santa Fe (AT&SF) in 1905. Disk 109