Santa Fe CF7 2553 on train symbol 305 at Manhattan, Texas

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Santa Fe CF7 2553 on train symbol 305 meets train symbol 591 at Manhattan, TX

After pulling the underpowered Extra 2553 South over the crest of the first hill, the units cut away and backed onto their train. The brakeman dropped off when the units rolled by the north switch at Manhattan and lined the southbound train into the siding. There wasn't a lot of time between when the units cleared and the 2553 was on the switch. The engineer on the southbound has the units revved up to prevent the train from stalling on the second hill. The grade here is 1.25 percent and the date is March 22, 1980. Engine 2553 was F7A 257C and came out of the Cleburne shops in September 1973. Disk 108