Friday August 7, 1987
on the Union Pacific

Gibbon, NE to Kansas City

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From Kansas City, the main line is double track until West Menoken (mp76). Except for twelve miles of double track around Marysville (mp150), the rest of the Kansas City line at this time was single track to Gibbon (mp288).

KCNP1 had encountered multiple delays waiting for power and a crew. It finally departed Kansas City yesterday at 140PM with engines 3560 and MP3282. It lost another 40 minutes following the 2CWBJR to Topeka (mp68). There it picked up engine MP4644, eight loads and six empties. It left Topeka with 47 loads and 74 empties, 7,235 tons. It made it as far as Aikins (mp102) before the crew died on the law. Later, a new crew took over and the train arrived in Marysville at 740AM. It was now rolling to a stop in the siding at Hayland (mp274) to let the SLOAZ run around it.

SLOAZ with engines 3366 and 4251 left Dupo yesterday evening at 650PM. It left 18th Street Yard at 420AM with 30 loads at 1,676 tons. It picked up two loads of hogs at Marysville and was now approaching Hayland on a yellow block.

KCNP2 left Neff Yard at 945PM with engines 3746, 4305, and 820 pulling 30 loads and 28 empties, 2,556 tons. It picked up 26 loads and 27 empties at 18th Street Yard and picked up three empties at Muncie (mp9), giving it 56 loads and 58 empties, 6,036 tons. It set out engine 820 at Marysville and departed at 835AM. It met the NPKCT at Hollenberg (mp172), let SLOAZ run around it at Level, and was now slamming across the BN main at Hastings (mp260).

ASNPCX departed Valley Jct. yesterday at 510PM behind SP train BSMFF. It had engines 2413, MP3306, and MP3288 pulling 41 loads and 50 empties, 5,676 tons. It changed crews and left 18th Street Yard at 240AM and was now rolling through the siding at Edgar (mp235) meeting the CJRWB, which was holding the main track.

2NPKCT left North Platte at 530AM with engines 3434 and 4219 pulling 54 loads and nine empties, 6,637 tons. It was now cruising out of Hollenberg. It would later be stuck behind the 2CJRWB and NPKCI changing crews at Marysville.

NPKCI departed North Platte at 425AM with engines 3393 and 4062 pulling 33 loads and 45 empties at 5,327 tons. It waited an hour at Alfalfa Center for the XCWBJR, NLNP, 2CWBJR, and SMU on the eastbound main to let the KLLB4A, CSNPZ, and KCNPZ to run around them on the westbound main. It was now changing crews at Marysville and would leave at 1240PM.

XKCNP1 left 18th Street Yard yesterday at 140PM with engines 2492 and 2477 pulling 98 loads at 3,095 tons. It got as far as Cook (mp92) before being tied down because of the congestion near Aikins (mp102). The next crew got on at 725AM and waited for trains CNANW and CBMJK to clear before heading west. The train was now at Marysville. It would leave at 110PM.

KCNP2 was originally called for 400AM yesterday, but was delayed because of a M/W curfew. The crew was called at 940AM yesterday and the train departed at 1000AM with engines 2510 and MP3090 pulling 12 loads and 84 empties, 3,983 tons. It picked up one load at West Yard (mp6) and picked up two loads and two empties at Muncie (mp9). It was stuck in the siding at Aikins (mp102) for four hours waiting for the M/W surfacing gang and then met NPKCI, 2CJRWB, and 2CBBJK. The crew died on the law at Evans (mp118). The train was still there waiting for a rested crew.

NPKCT left North Platte at 320AM with engines 3787, MP3122 and 4165 pulling 87 loads and two empties at 8,586 tons. It waited at Buda for the KCNPZ to run around the NLNP, 2CWBJR, and SMU at Gibbon. It departed Marysville at 1055AM and was now near Duluth (mp112).

XNPAS left North Platte last night at 1145PM with engines 2511, MP3260, and MP3200 dragging 60 loads and 55 empties, 8,577 tons. It let the UMS around it at Denham and met five westbounds at Anan. It was now rushing through Jeffrey (mp102).

UMS left North Platte at 1210AM with engines 6012 and 6016 pulling 47 loads and six empties, 4,240 tons. These units came into North Platte yesterday on the PCNP. It met KCNPZ and SMU at Carleton (mp217) and was caught by the hot box detector near Belvidere. The crew found nothing wrong. It had just pulled into 18th Street Yard and would leave at 1225PM with 29 cars for the Southern Rwy, 10 cars for the Seaboard System and 16 piggyback flats of TOFC for Memphis. It would pick up at Smithdale and, if all went well, would pull into Memphis with 100 loads and 28 empties, 11,639 tons.

MVKC originated at Topeka and had engines MP5035 and MP5029 pulling 12 loads and 20 empties, 1,904 tons. It picked up 25 cars for North Little Rock at Perry (mp52) and spent three hours switching the auto plant at Muncie. It tied up at Neff Yard at 650AM.

XTPKC departed from Topeka at 645AM with engines 6014 and 6000 pulling four loads and 16 empties, 918 tons. It picked up 20 loads and 14 empties at Linwood (mp29) and picked up and set out at Muncie. It tied up at Neff Yard at 945AM.

NPKC left North Platte at 300PM with 34 loads and 28 empties, 3,868 tons, and had engines 3536, MP3161, 3237, 3375, 3312, and 3907. It set out three empties at Hastings and pulled into Marysville at 930PM. It left at 340AM with 34 loads and 25 empties, 3,771 tons, and set out 13 loads and three empties at Topeka. It came into Armstrong Yard, made a set out, took the balance of the train to Neff Yard, and tied up at 1000AM.

CCDSA departed South Morrill at 325PM on the 4th with engines MP5032 and MP6059 pulling 112 loads. It swapped power and left North Platte yesterday at 845AM. It left Marysville at 435PM, let the NPASCX and NPHOT run around it at Sullivan (mp127), and waited three hours for the XMVMV to clear at Evans (mp118). It met the NLNP, 2CWBJR, SMU, and KCNP1 at Duluth and met the KCNPZ at Kenefick. It died on the law at Kaw Jct. (mp5) at 340AM this morning. A yard crew came out and moved the train into Armstrong Yard. It now had engines 6037, MP5030, and 3311 and would leave at 1245PM.

KCNP1 was at Neff Yard with 34 loads and 76 empties, 6,258 tons. It was having engines 2471, MP3130, and 6010 added and would begin its air test. It would leave at 1255PM.

Omaha to Kansas City

The Falls City Subdivision is former MP trackage from Kansas City (mp283) north to Omaha (mp473).

LNH53 left Council Bluffs at 700AM with engines MP4666 and 655 pulling 21 loads and 13 empties, 2,534 tons. It was now switching at Falls City (mp384).