Friday August 7, 1987
on the Union Pacific

Hinkle, OR to LaGrande

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Hinkle is a major yard for traffic to and from the Pacific Northwest. From Hinkle (mp185) at 610 feet the line climbs over the Blue Mountains, peaking at 4,205 feet at Kamela (mp271). From here the line descends to LaGrande (mp290) at 2,788 feet.

Union Pacific train SENP1 came in to Hinkle Yard at 720PM last night with engines 3785 and 3346. It was in the process of being put back together and would leave at 1130AM.

Union Pacific train SENP2 at Meacham
Union Pacific train SENP2 at Meacham

2SENP2 with 56 loads and 17 empties, 6,394 tons, was waiting for power and would be called at 1215PM.

HKLA with 61 loads and 35 empties, 7,247 tons, was waiting for power.

PDNPZ3 with engines 3571, 3110, and 2940 was originating at Hinkle and the carmen had just found a bad order car. It would leave at 1050AM with 23 loads, 2,067 tons, and meet the NPSEZ at Munra (mp219).

PDNPZ with engines 6023 and MP9014 left Portland at 430AM with an impressive 28 horsepower per ton for its short train of only four loads at 248 tons. It lost 45 minutes cutting the air out on a bad order piggyback flat car at Bridal Veil. It was leaving Hinkle and would meet the NPSEZ at Homly (mp230).

CSPDZ departed Chicago at 1250PM on the 5th with engines CNW5077, EMD8, and 3625. It had 29 loads with 44 trailers, 20 of them UPS. After trading power at North Platte, it left yesterday at 655AM with 12 loads, 781 tons, and ran around the NPLA at Hershey. It picked up four loads at Cheyenne and left with 16 loads at 1,081 tons. It left LaGrande at 640AM with engines MP9018 and MP9007, met 2PDNPZ at Huron (mp258) and had just met the SECSZ at Echo (mp193). It was pulling into Hinkle and the crew was exchanging waves with the outbound crew on the PDNPZ.

SECSZ left Seattle at 905PM with engines 3765 and 2023. It traded power in Portland for engines 3778 and 3100. It picked up two loads at Hinkle and now had 28 loads at 1,994 tons. It was galloping through Barnhart (mp208) and would meet the NPSEZ at Gibbon (mp237) and SCHK at Kamela.

PCHK departed Pocatello at 610PM on the 5th and left Nampa at 1130AM yesterday. It picked up four loads at LaGrande. After letting the CSSEZ and XAPSED pass, it departed at 1247AM with 68 loads and 32 empties at 8,984 tons. It had engines 3806, 3123, MP6035, and 3105 and was in the siding at Minthorn (mp225). The crew had died on the law.

NPSE left North Platte at 100AM on the 5th with 69 loads and 29 empties, 9,147 tons, pulled by engines 3438, 3694, 3689, 3757, and 3531. It departed Cheyenne at 720AM with 71 loads and 49 empties, 10,058 tons. It waited at Wolcott for 40 minutes meeting PDNPZ and LACSZ, because a M/W crew had the railroad down to single track at that point. It let the CSPDZ run around it at Rawlins and set out engine 3531 at Pocatello. It left Huntington at 120AM this morning, met HKLA and SASHE at Encina, and let CSPDZ run around it at North Powder. It departed LaGrande at 735AM with 69 loads and 34 empties at 8,974 tons. It was whining down the hill in full dynamics preparing to enter the siding at Bonifer (mp240) to let NPSEZ pass and meet SECSZ, PDNPZ, and PDNPZ3. The train would be annulled out of Hinkle.

NPSEZ left Pocatello at 1220AM, met the SECSZ, PDNPZ3, and GEKACB at Quigley (mp250), met 2PDNPZ at Adelaide (mp285), and met SENP2 at Owinza (mp303). It departed Nampa at 605AM with engines MP9023 and MP9001 and was now charging up the hill at Motanic (mp276) with 27 loads, 1,896 tons.

GLNAPD with engines 3788, 2943, 3072, 3444, and 3138 met the HKLA and SASHE at Telocaset and arrived in LaGrande at 418AM. It was being held for more power to move its 10,000 ton train over the hill.

Union Pacific train SCHK at Meacham
Union Pacific train SCHK at Meacham

SCHK left Salt Lake City at 1250AM yesterday morning with engines 3098, 3192, 3334, and 3142. It traded power at Pocatello for engines 2437, 2878, 3356, and 3529 and left at 835AM. It departed Nampa at 130AM this morning, picked up five loads at Payette (mp503), met HKLA and SASHE, and let the CSPDZ run around it at Durkee (mp369). It met SENP1 at Oxman (mp361) and let the NPSEZ run around it at Telocaset. It was leaving LaGrande with 45 loads and 50 empties at 7,001 tons.

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