Friday August 7, 1987
on the Union Pacific

Huntington, OR to Pocatello, ID

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From Huntington the line follows the Snake River to Nyssa (mp489), then the Boise River to Caldwell (mp466). Crews are changed at Nampa (mp457). At Reverse (mp393) elevation 3,089 feet, the tracks begin descending back down to the Snake River and the old crew change point of Glenns Ferry (mp374) at 2,562 feet, then climb back out of the canyon to Bliss (mp350) at 3,265 feet. The line crosses the Snake River near American Falls and joins the line to Butte, MT at Pocatello Jct. (mp217).

Union Pacific grain train GQNEVA at Reverse, ID
Union Pacific grain train GQNEVA at Reverse, ID

NPHK left North Platte at 810AM on the 3rd with engines 3788, 2943, and 2434 hauling four loads and 120 empties at 5,182 tons. It let NPSEZ, NPLAZ, and NPOAZ run around it at Julesburg and was then stuck for 20 minutes behind the NPOAZ setting out a car with a hot box at Chappel (mp380). It picked up six empties at Sinclair. At Rawlins, it set out four empties, picked three loads and 17 empties and departed with seven loads and 139 empties at 6,196 tons. It let XAPOAD run around it at Wamsutter (mp724). It was stuck at Green River for six hours waiting for a maintenance window to open up and left at 1230PM on the 4th. It arrived in Nampa at 740AM on the 5th and set out six loads, 23 empties, and the power. It departed Nampa at 800AM with one load and 116 empties, 4,679 tons, and had engines 3098, 3192, 3334, and 3142. It let Amtrak 25 run around it at Payette and was now twisting through the narrow canyon pulling into Huntington.

SENP1 left Seattle with engines 3217 and 3155 at 330AM on the 5th. It came into Hinkle at 1035PM that evening, set out the power, reclassified the train and left yesterday at 600PM. It departed LaGrande at 325AM this morning, met the GLNAPD at Union Jct., met NPSE and CSPDZ at Haines, met NPSEZ and cut off the helpers at Durkee. It left Huntington at 905AM with engines 2435, 3317, and 2434 pulling 75 loads and 12 empties, 8,017 tons. It met Amtrak 25 and NPHK at Crystal (mp510) and was meeting train LOK51 (local out of Nampa) at Nyssa.

SASHE departed Albina with engines 2526 and 2503 yesterday at 250AM. It traded power at Hinkle and left with engines 3685, 3483, and 3198. It ran around the SENP1 at Homly and followed HKLA up and over the mountain. It left LaGrande at 230AM, met the NPSE at Encina, CSPDZ at Pleasant Valley, and met NPSEZ at Huntington. At Nyssa, it met NPHK and Amtrak 25, picked up 15 loads and left with 16 loads and 107 empties, 4,943 tons. It was threading its way into Nampa Yard, where it would pick up three loads and six empties. It would leave Nampa at 100PM with 19 loads and 113 empties at 5,617 tons.

HKLA with engines 2526, 2503, and 3129 was picking up and setting out at Nampa. It departed LaGrande at 210AM this morning, met NPSE at Encina, CSPDZ at Oxman, LOGH4 and SCHK at Durkee, and NPHK at Notus (mp473).

SASHN left Green River at 1040PM yesterday and met PCNP at Nugget (mp53), PDNPZ at Pixley (mp77), SECSZ and SENP1 at Georgetown (mp128), PDNPZ3 and 2PDNPZ at Bancroft. It departed Pocatello at 830AM with MP9027, MP9009, MP6030, and 3639 dragging 80 loads, 10,470 tons. It was drifting through Shoshone (mp322) observing the 35mph speed limit on the US 93 highway crossing. It would set out one load at Sebree (mp408).

PCHK had engines 3261, 3287, and 3662 pulling 13 loads and 92 empties, 5,058 tons, and was rolling through American Falls (mp238). It had been delayed almost 24 hours waiting for power.

Union Pacific train HKYR Bannock
Union Pacific train HKYR Bannock

GEKACB departed Albina Yard at 250AM on the 5th and arrived in Pocatello at 305AM this morning with engines 3300 and 3901 pulling six loads and 113 empties, 4,152 tons. It would be split up and combined with other eastbound trains.

Union Pacific Train N211 at Peninsula Jct
Union Pacific Train N211 at Peninsula Jct

PCHK with 29 loads and 62 empties, 5,321 tons, would soon have engines 3450, 2900, and MP6052 added at Pocatello and be called for 245PM.

The Montana Subdivision

From Silver Bow (mp390) the line crosses two mountain ranges before reaching Pocatello Jct. (mp135) and the large yard at Pocatello. This line was an extension of the line out of Ogden, UT

N284 left Silver Bow at 820AM with engines 3407, 3222, 3727, 2409, and 3568 dragging 75 empties, 2,406 tons. It was at Dillon, MT waiting for a crew change before heading south again.

N288 with engines 3229 and 3302 coupled to 15 loads and 16 empties, 2,306 tons, was also at Dillon waiting for a crew. It would be called at 100PM.

N285 loaded at Wooley Valley on the Dry Valley Branch earlier this morning. It left Soda Springs at 300AM and was returning to Butte. It departed Pocatello at 655AM with engines 3501, 3569, 2911, MP6032, and 3667 stretching the slack on 74 loads and 28 empties totaling 9,717 tons. At Idaho Falls, it met N289 and set out the 28 empties, 874 tons. It was now near Dubois (mp235).

BPCPC left Pocatello at 700AM with engine 2002 pulling one car. It met N289 at Pocatello Jct. and was dumping ballast north of town.

N289 had picked up seven loads and six empties at Blackfoot. It came into Pocatello at 820AM with engines 2900, 3517, 3450 and 3263 with 54 loads and 24 empties, 6,877 tons.