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Boardman Coal Train at Kootenai, ID

Boardman Coal Train at Kootenai, ID

My good friend Nick Krantz gave me some pictures from a trip he and his wife Jeanette made in September 1991. Train 241 is westbound with coal for the Boardman power plant in Oregon. It will be turned over to the Union Pacific at Spokane. At that time the train loaded at either the Belle Ayr or Eagle Butte mines. The Boardman plant was completed in 1980 and can produce 560 megawatts. This train went to an all UP routing in 1996, but returned to the former NP mainline the last day of 1999. In the picture above it is passing through Kootenai, ID.

Boardman Coal Train near Kootenai Boardman Coal Train at Hope, ID

Nick said he had difficulty timing these pictures as the lead unit popped in and out of the sunlight as the train cut between the dense growth of trees at Hope, ID.

Boardman Coal Train at Hope, ID Boardman Coal Train

Their first encounter with this train was near Thompson Falls, MT. Disk 11