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Burlington Northern Railroad Funnel at Athol, ID

The merger of the NP, GN and SP&S into the BN plus the Worlds Fair in 1974 forced the railroad to make major changes to the tracks through Spokane in 1972. The Northern Pacific trackage between Sandpoint and Spokane had easier grades and the line through Spokane was elevated. So the BN built a new connection at Sandpoint, another connection west of Spokane and shifted all through traffic from the former GN line to the former NP line. The concentration of all this traffic onto this mostly single track line gave this segment of the railroad the name "The Funnel."

Burlington Northern Railroad Funnel at Athol, ID

Extra 8104 East blasts through Athol, ID on June 16, 1980. The second unit is F45 6620. A portion of the line north of here around Granite was realigned in 1965 eliminating a tunnel.

Burlington Northern Railroad Funnel near Cocolalla

After chasing the train for about 15 miles I was able to get another shot between Cocolalla and Algoma. Back in the car and chasing ahead I caught the train again entering Sandpoint. The trestle was built around 1897 and replaced the original wooden bridge built in 1882. The Sandpoint bridge picture is on Disk 39 all others on Disk 12

Burlington Northern Railroad freight train on Lake Pend Oreille bridge Burlington Northern engines 8104 and 6820 on freight train entering Sandpoint, ID