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Idaho Potatoes

United States potato lovers consumed more than 4 million tons of French Fries per year. The average American eats 130 pounds of potatoes per year.

Up mechanical reefers loaded with frozen potato products from Idaho

Just ahead of the caboose are two UP mechanical reefers loaded with frozen French Fries from Idaho.

2001 U.S. Fall Potato Production (million tons)
Colorado 1.07
Idaho 6.01
Oregon 1.03
Washington 4.72

2010 U.S. Fall Potato Production (million tons)
Colorado 1.09
Idaho 5.81
Oregon 1.01
Washington 4.15

Idaho processors
Basic American Foods - Blackfoot
Idaho Pacific Corporation - Ririe
Idaho Supreme Potatoes, Inc. - Firth
Con Agra Foods, Specialty Potato Products Processing plants in American Falls & Twin Falls
Blaine Larsen Farms Inc. - Processing - Dubois
McCain Foods, USA - Burley
Multifoods - Shelley
Nonpareil Corporation - Blackfoot
Norsun Food Group, Inc. - Sugar City
Ore-ida Foods, Inc.- Burley
Potato Products Of Idaho - Rigby
Purely Supreme Foods, LLC - Burley
Rite Stuff Foods - Jerome
J.R. Simplot Company - Moses Lake, Othello, Pasco (vegetable), WA; Hermiston, OR; Heyburn closed in 2004, Caldwell, Burley, Aberdeen, Nampa, and Idaho Falls, ID; and Grand Forks, ND

Idaho growers
Arrowhead Potato Company, Inc. - Rupert
Ball Brothers Produce - Lewisville
Bench Mark Potato Co - Rexburg
Circle Valley Produce, LLC - Idaho Falls
Crofts', Inc. - Firth
Double Diamond Potato - Lewisville
Driscoll Potatoes, Inc. - American Falls
Dry-Pak Potato & Seed Co., Inc. - Rexburg
Eagle Farms, Inc - Idaho Falls
Eastern Idaho Potato LLC - Idaho Falls
Gpod Of Idaho - Shelley
Max Herbold, Inc. - Burley
High Country Potato, Inc. - Rexburg
Ida-Fresh, Inc. - Shelley
Idahoan Fresh/Clement Bros. Inc. - Lewisville
Idaho Gem, Inc. - Blackfoot
Idaho Potato Packers/Nonpariel - Blackfoot
Idaho Select - Aberdeen
Idaho Supreme Potatoes, Inc. - Firth
Keegan, Inc. - Twin Falls
Kings Crown Organic Farm - King Hill
Dave Kingston Produce, Inc. - Idaho Falls
Lambert Produce Company, Inc. - Blackfoot
Blaine Larsen Farms Inc. - Hamer
Liberty Gold - Blackfoot
M & M Heath Farms - Buhl
Magic Valley Produce, Inc. - Paul
Mart Produce Corporation - Rupert
Moody Creek Produce, Inc. - Sugar City
Mountain Gold, Inc. - Rexburg
Nature's Best Produce - Rupert
Oakley Potato Packers - Oakley
P & I Produce, LLC - Parma
Pleasant Valley Potato, Inc. - Aberdeen
R & G Potato Company, Inc. - American Falls
Rexburg Fresh - Rexburg
Rigby Produce - Rigby
Rocky Mountain Produce, Inc. - Rigby
Russet Valley Marketing, Inc. - Kimberly
Snake River Plains Potatoes, Inc. - Ucon
Spudrunner, Inc. - Declo
Sun-Glo Of Idaho, Inc. - Sugar City
Sunriver Of Idaho, Inc. - Aberdeen
Sunspiced Of Idaho - Blackfoot
Sun Valley Potatoes, Inc. - Paul
Symms Fruit Ranch, Inc. - Caldwell
Taylor Produce, Inc. - Rigby
Howard Taylor & Sons, Inc. - Idaho Falls
B.M. Tibbitts & Sons, Inc. - St. Anthony
Ucon Produce - Ucon
Wada Farms Potatoes, Inc. - Idaho Falls
Wada-van Orden Potatoes, Inc. - Blackfoot
Walker Produce I & II - Menan
Walters Produce Inc. - Newdale
J.C. Watson Co., Inc. - Parma
Webster Potato Co. - Rigby
Western Potato, Inc. - Idaho Falls
Floyd Wilcox & Sons, Inc. - Rexburg

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