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Union Pacific Railroad station at McCammon, ID

Nampa Reefers leaving McCammon, ID

Train QRS (Nampa Reefers) is leaving McCammon on November 8, 1976. McCammon is the junction between the line south to Salt Lake City and the line southeast to Green River, WY. Double track starts at McCammon (milepost 190) and runs 19 miles north to Pocatello. This installation of the second main line was begun in 1909 at Pocatello and reached McCammon in 1911.

Union Pacific Railroad station at McCammon, ID

Train 280 is stopping at McCammon to pick up orders before heading south to Ogden on November 8, 1976. The main line to Granger is to the right of the depot. The UP installed a US&S eight lever electro-mechanical interlocking plant at McCammon in 1913.

UP train 280 near Dayton, ID

On the line between McCammon and Ogden, train 280 is rolling through Dayton, ID on August 19, 1980. The train has engines 3563, 3619, and 816. The line between Pocatello and Ogden was built by the Utah & Northern as a narrow gauge line. Building north from Ogden, it was the first railroad to reach Pocatello in 1878 and reached Butte, MT in 1881. The entire line north of Pocatello was converted to standard gauge in one day on July 24, 1887. It took another three years to convert the line to Ogden to standard gauge. The Utah & Northern and Oregon Short Line were merged into the Union Pacific in 1886. Disk 17