Monon Railroad train depot at Monon, Indiana

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The Monon Railroad map was fairly simple. It was in the shape of a "X" in western Indiana. One line in the "X" went from Chicago to Indianapolis and the other line went from Michigan City to Louisville, KY. The lines crossed at Monon. The Monon began installing 340 automatic block signals between Hammond, IN and Indianapolis (163 miles) in July 1911 and finished in March 1912. In 1952, the Monon ran two passenger trains each way daily between Indianapolis and Chicago: The Tippecanoe and The Hoosier; and one train each way daily between Louisville and Chicago: The Thoroughbred. By 1968 the Monon was freight only and operated one daily freight train in and out of Indianapolis: trains 91 and 90; one long distance train daily between Chicago and Louisville: trains 71 and 70; and one train daily between Monon and Lafayette, Indiana: trains 57 and 56. The Louisville & Nashville took over control of the Monon in 1971.

Monon Railroad train depot at Monon, Indiana

SCL engine 6015 and a caboose rests at Monon, Indiana on August 25, 1982. This depot was built in 1953 to replace the original depot that was destroyed when the southbound Thoroughbred derailed coming around the curve in September 1951.

The local rests at Monon, Indiana

This is looking south from near the depot. The track on the right is the mainline to Chicago. The track to my left goes to Michigan City. The track curving off to the left beyond the signals goes to Indianapolis. Disk 114