Union Pacific train PCHK at Kamela, OR

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UP freight train symbol PCHK at Kamela, OR

The PCHK (Pocatello to Hinkle) had 33 loads, 56 empties at 5,605 tons. On the point were engines 9377 (C40-8W) and CNW8689 (C44-9W) with DPU engines 6316 (SD60M) and 9313 (C40-8) on the rear. It would meet the HKNPP (Hinkle to North Platte Perishable) here at Kamela. The HKNPP would have 39 loads, 4,086 tons, pulled by engines 6145 (SD60M), MPI9001, 3172, and 3947 (three SD40s).

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