Friday August 7, 1987
on the Union Pacific

Kansas City to Diaz Jct, AR and Memphis

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From Kansas City the Carthage Subdivision runs almost due south to Carthage (mp527), then swings southeast across the Ozark Plateau to Cotter (mp381). It follows the White River to Diaz Jct. (mp259), where it joins the main line between Poplar Bluff and North Little Rock. From Bald Knob (mp287) the Memphis line crosses the SSW at Fair Oaks (mp319), crosses the Little Rock bypass line at Wynne (mp332) and enters Sargent Yard in Memphis at (mp381).

NOKC left Avondale Yard at 600AM on the 5th with engines MP3265, MP3093, and MP2069 pulling 26 loads and 51 empties. It picked up at Addis and departed with 95 loads and 24 empties. At Alexandria, it traded power for engines 3603 and 3596. It left at 145PM with 61 loads and 51 empties and arrived in North Little Rock at 300AM with 49 loads and 79 empties. It traded power again and departed North Little Rock yesterday at 1045AM with engines 3939, 3045, 4101, and 2907 dragging 71 loads and 46 empties. It set out 12 loads at Bald Knob and met the KCNO at Myersville (mp308). It picked up two loads at Cotter and departed at 820PM with 61 loads and 47 empties, 7,546 tons. It met UMS at Bergman (mp416). It met 3CNANW at Carthage, while setting out 29 loads and 17 empties and picking up one load and 14 empties. It met KCNO at Lamar (mp551) and came into Neff Yard at 950AM with 33 loads and 44 empties, 4,488 tons.

SMU departed Memphis last night at 1110PM with 62 loads and 42 empties pulled by engines 6040 and 6001. At Crawfordsville (mp362), it set out eight loads and 19 empties for Longview and two piggybacks for Houston and departed at 105AM. It met the LMI at Wynne (mp332). After setting out three loads, it left Cotter at 815AM with 49 loads and 27 empties, 4,784 tons. It was now blasting out of the Reed Springs tunnel (mp460).

KCNO left Kansas City at 1215AM with engines 4177, MP4632, and MP2089 pulling 48 loads and 30 empties, 6,208 tons. At Carthage, it traded power for engines 3477, MP3156, MP3164, MP6060, 1565, and MP2292 (dead). It picked up four loads and 14 empties and departed at 840AM with 52 loads and 44 empties at 6,582 tons. It was now pulling out of the siding at Gretna (mp451) after meeting the SMU. It would set out 23 cars for Alexandria at Newport for tomorrow's ASAL.

2NOKC left North Little Rock at 615AM with engines 4300, 3657 and 3272. It picked up one car at Bald Knob and arrived in Newport at 840AM, where it set out six loads and 18 empties. It departed with 33 loads and 42 empties, 4,255 tons, and was now near Myersville (mp308).

UMS departed from North Platte at 1255AM yesterday with engines 6031, 6015, and 2522 pulling 42 loads and four empties, 3,506 tons. It was stuck for an hour and 45 minutes behind the 2CBBJK, which had gone into emergency at Buda. It had to flag through the absolute block at the east end of Edgar (mp235), because the signal would not clear. It left Marysville at 810AM and was caught by the hot box detector at (mp141.4). The crew inspected the 12th car from the rear, but found nothing wrong. It left Kansas City at 200PM with 43 loads and five empties, 3,602 tons, and met the NOKC at Bergman (mp416). It set out 29 loads and three empties at Wynne (mp332) and picked up the Southern Rwy traffic set out earlier by the LMI at Smithdale (mp348). It left Smithdale at 655AM with 101 loads and 21 empties, 11,954 tons, and set out engine 2522 at Kentucky St. (mp378). It tied up in Forrest Yard at 950AM. As NS train 198, it departed for Sheffield at 1100AM.

NLME left North Little Rock at 130AM with 39 loads and 39 empties pulled by engines 3574, MP3068, and MP2098. It picked up eight Memphis piggybacks at Bald Knob and 17 more at Wynne. It set out three loads and six empties at Wynne and let the UMS around it. It tied up at Sargent Yard at 950AM. Right now the yard crew was moving the piggyback traffic to the ramp for unloading.

MLS was ready to leave Memphis, but was waiting until 230PM because of a M/W window. It would have engines 3922 and MP3068.

XMENL would leave Memphis about 500PM with 120 cars for North Little Rock.