Friday August 7, 1987
on the Union Pacific

Kansas City to North Little Rock

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From Kansas City the Coffeyville Subdivision runs southwesterly to Coffeyville (mp467). The Van Buren Subdivision runs due south from Coffeyville (mp663) for 40 miles and then begins to swing southeast and ends at North Little Rock (mp344). At Okay Jct. (mp576), the line to Texas swings off to the south.

KCNL had 57 loads and 40 empties, 7,525 tons, and was having engines 3536, MP3161, 3237, 3375 (dead), 3312, and 3907 added at Neff Yard. It would soon be ready to leave, but would have to wait for the FWKC to arrive. Most of these units came in earlier on the NPKC.

CSACD left San Antonio at 1240AM on the 5th with 110 empties. It departed Fort Worth yesterday at 915AM with engines 3961, 3069, and MP3268 and met 2CCDSA in Muskogee. It left Coffeyville at 210AM and was now nearing Leeds Jct. (mp283).

CRDJR left Rodemacher at 700PM on the 5th with engines MP3193, 3510, and 3292 pulling 116 empties. It left Coffeyville at 335AM and was now near Bucyrus (mp311). At Kansas City, it would set out engine 3510 and add MP5029.

FWKC departed Fort Worth yesterday at 625AM with 31 loads and 49 empties pulled by engines 2515, MP3237, and 2445. It picked up two loads and 15 empties at Whitesboro Jct. It set out engine 2445 at Muskogee. It left Muskogee at 1100PM with 53 loads and 53 empties, 8,063 tons, and set out 40 loads and 11 empties at Cookson. It picked up 33 cars at Coffeyville and now had 18 loads and 70 empties at 4,371 tons. It left Coffeyville at 450AM, picked up four loads and set out two empties at Durand. It was now pounding across the MKT and BN mains at Paola (mp326). The dispatcher was concerned that the crew would go on the law before reaching Kansas City.

Union Pacific train symbol FWNP at Paola, KS
Union Pacific train symbol FWNP at Paola, KS

CCDSA with engines 6052 and 6049 departed South Morrill at 755PM on the 5th with 114 loads. It added engines 6022 and MP5056 at North Platte and departed at 735AM on the 6th. It left Armstrong Yard this morning at 120AM, stalled near Garnett and got a shove from the NPHOT. It had been stopped at Durand but was now leaving on a yellow signal.

Union Pacific coal train symbol CJRWB Garrett
Union Pacific coal train symbol CJRWB Garrett

NPHOT was not having a good trip. It was delayed 50 minutes at North Platte due to a late connection from the SENP2. It departed at 920AM yesterday with engines 3335 and MP6050 pulling 61 loads and 14 empties, 6,139 tons. Near Overton (mp211), the air hose bracket broke on the first car sending the train into emergency. Next, it spent 30 minutes waiting at Elm Creek for the SLOAZ and ASNPCX to clear the eastbound main, as the westbound was tied up with a M/W gang. Near Hayland the hot box detector thought it saw a warm one on the 11th car from the rear, nothing was found. At Bremen, the train went into emergency again when the air hoses became uncoupled between the 49th and 50th cars. It spent an hour and a half waiting behind the CCDSA and CNANW for the XMVMV to unload ballast near Aikins. It set out two empties at Perry and 21 loads and four empties at Linwood for North Little Rock. At 18th Street Yard, engines MP3103 and MP3169 were added along with 43 loads. It left at 315AM with 85 loads and eight empties, 9,007 tons. It soon stopped at Armstrong Yard and waited for the GEAVNP to clear. At Garnett the units were cut off to assist the CCDSA which had stalled on the hill. It was now holding the main track at Roper (mp415) waiting for the NLNP to pull into the siding. It would arrive at Coffeyville at 125PM eight hours and 50 minutes late.

NLNP left North Little Rock last night at 810PM with engines 2840, 3233, and 2832 dragging 63 loads and 28 empties, totaling 6,689 tons. It picked up seven loads and eight empties at Van Buren and departed at 200AM. It picked up eight loads and seven empties at Cookson. It left Coffeyville with 78 loads and 43 empties, 8,404 tons, and was now in emergency just south of Roper.

KCFW departed from Neff Yard at 1240AM with 49 loads and 52 empties, 7,039 tons, pulled by engines MP3255, MP3139, and 3592. It didn't get far before it had to stop and wait 25 minutes for ATSF extra 5960 on the KCT to clear the crossing. Underway again, it went into emergency at 23rd St. The crew found nothing wrong. It set out 12 loads and nine empties at Durand, swapped crews at Coffeyville and was now galloping through Clem (mp634). It would pick up at Cookson and leave with 58 loads and 48 empties, 7,941 tons.

Missouri Pacific train symbol KL at Lenapah, OK
Missouri Pacific train symbol KL at Lenapah, OK

NLKC had been held for one hour at North Little Rock for the high and wide loads off the MLS. It left at 100AM with engines 3633, 3345, 3565, and MP3093. At Van Buren, it picked up 15 loads and 36 empties, set out one bad order car, and departed at 655AM. It set out 12 loads and 11 empties at Cookson for Muskogee and beyond. It now had 21 loads and 74 empties, 4,562 tons and was creeping into the siding at Oologah (mp622) to meet the KCFW.

HOKC left Houston at 1115PM on the 5th with engines 3743, 3344, MP3058, and 156 pulling 78 loads and 40 empties. At Fort Worth, it traded power for engines MP3506 and 3649 and departed yesterday at 850PM with 26 loads and 39 empties. It gave the NPHOT engine 3649 at Whitesboro Jct. It picked up engine MP4812 and one load at Denison and departed at 440AM. It had just picked up four loads and 30 empties and was making a hasty exit from Muskogee with 31 loads and 69 empties, 5,775 tons. It would set out two loads and 21 empties at Cookson.

CJRWB was at Van Buren (mp497) and would be called at 100PM. 2CJRWB would be called at 330PM.

KCNL left Kansas City at 705AM yesterday with MP3517, 4224, MP3055, MP5016, and MP2208 pulling 70 loads and 49 empties, 9,494 tons. It met CPGBT and CWBJR at Bucyrus (mp311) and met 2CWBJR at Lane Jct. (mp343). It set out 24 empties and picked up one load at Durand. After the arrival of the GEAVNP, it left Coffeyville at 530PM with 71 loads and 26 empties, 8,938 tons. It set out 16 loads and picked up five loads and 24 empties at Van Buren. It tied up in North Little Rock at 540AM with 60 loads and 49 empties, 8,077 tons.

CPQRM (Plaquemine, LA to Rochelle Mine empty coal train) was at North Little Rock and would be called at 200PM.