Friday August 7, 1987
on the Union Pacific

Kansas City to St. Louis

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From Kansas City (mp280) east, UP has two routes to St. Louis. The northern route follows the Missouri River and is called the River Subdivision. The southern route goes through more hilly country through Sedalia (mp189) and is called the Sedalia Subdivision. They join at Jefferson City (mp125) and from here it is mostly double track into Grand Ave. (mp2) in St. Louis.

CZ1MP was turned over to the Santa Fe earlier this morning at Eton (mp277). It was now approaching Sibley and after unloading would return to Captain Mine for loading.

KCASY left Rock Creek Jct. at 435AM with engines 3632, 4108, and MP3519 dragging 49 loads and 41 empties, 6,844 tons. It set out five loads and picked up four empties at Lees Summit, picked up four loads and one empty at Sedalia. It picked up three loads and four empties at Jefferson City and was now going by the power plant at West Labadie (mp44).

KCSLT departed Armstrong Yard at 710PM last night with engines MP6056 and 3676 pulling 25 loads and 25 empties, 2,360 tons. It picked up five loads and nine empties at Napton (mp195) on the River Sub. and left Jefferson City at 1215AM with 30 loads and 33 empties, 3,207 tons. It arrived in Dupo at 625AM.

NPASCX left North Platte at 930AM with engines 3530 and 4166 57 loads and five empties, 5,777 tons. With the NPHOT ahead of it, they waited at Elm Creek for the SLOAZ and ASNPCX to clear the eastbound main, since a M/W gang had the westbound main tied up. It ran around the NPHOT at Fairbury (mp242). It waited for an hour and 45 minutes at Evans (mp118) behind the CBTRR, CCDSA, and CNANW for the XMVMV unloading ballast near Aikins (mp102). It departed from Kansas City at midnight and arrived at Valley Jct. at 915AM.

ASKC had just been put together in the Alton & Southern Yard. It would have engines MP3141 and 3549 added at 105PM, complete its air test at 115PM, and leave at 120PM with 44 loads and 18 empties, 4,459 tons.

ASNPCX was also being assembled in the Alton & Southern Yard. It would receive engines 3530 and 4166 and was called for 130PM. It would leave with 20 loads and 51 empties at 3,509 tons. These units came in on the NPASCX this morning.

CB4WL was at Dupo and would be called at 315PM to go to West Labadie and unload.