Santa Fe train 315 in Augusta, KS

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Santa Fe train 315 in Augusta, KS Santa Fe train 315 in Augusta, KS

Train 315 is coming passed the tower and will branch off the Transcon and onto an unsignaled branch line for the run down to Arkansas City. You can see my little orange Datsun (parked over by the tower) has picked up a lot of road grime. Steve took the top picture and about a second later I took the lower one. Train 315 was scheduled out of Kansas City at 1000AM and into Dallas at 300AM with TOFC and mixed traffic.

Santa Fe eastbound train at Augusta

I wanted to try some pictures from the top of the tower steps. I soon discovered that I was looking almost directly into the sun. The tower not only controls movements of Texas trains on and off the Transcon, it also controls SLSF trains crossing the Transcon you see in the foreground. This was an SLSF branch line out of Wichita running east to near Joplin, MO. You can see the crossing in the foreground. The SLSF ran one train a day on this branch.