L&N trains meet at Cave City, KY

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L&N local at Cave City, KY

In July 1977 I was driving from Georgia up to Louisville, KY to get some help for my very sick Imsai. For the younger generation and non-computer types, an Imsai was one of the early personal computers to use the new 8080 processor. The local (with engines CN 5590 and L&N 459) is slowing and will go into the siding at Cave City to meet a southbound train.

L&N southbound trainat Cave City, KY L&N southbound train at Cave City, KY

I was trying to get into a spot that had more sunlight. On a partly cloudy day this can be an almost impossible task as I need to be in the right position to get sunlight and train to come together at exactly the same time. L&N engines 4138, 4137, 4147, and 4016 lead the southbound train through the cornfields just south of Cave City. Disk 122

L&N caboose on southbound train at Cave City, KY