Friday August 7, 1987
on the Union Pacific

Longview, TX to Houston

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From Longview, the line to Houston goes to Palestine (mp0 for all lines radiating out of it) and then heads due south to Settegast Yard (mp150) in Houston. The line from Fort Worth joins at Spring (mp128).

HONL2 departed from Houston at 200AM with engines MP3523 and 3735 pulling 28 loads and 69 empties. It picked up and set out at Spring and at Palestine. While in Palestine, it added engine 3329 and was now ready to leave with 46 loads and 73 empties.

FWHO left Fort Worth yesterday at 735PM with engines MP3250, 546, and 3493 pulling 60 loads and 55 empties. It met 2SAFW at Ney Yard, set out engine 3250 at Waco for the HOKC and set out three loads at Westfield (mp131). It was now pulling through Gulf Coast Jct. (mp148) in Houston.

SAHO with 33 loads and eight empties pulled by engines 3957, MP3142, MP3229, and 2426, departed San Antonio yesterday at 630PM. It met LGK59 at Hestes, left Taylor at 315AM with 106 loads and eight empties, and met HOSA at Thrall. It had just tied up at Settegast Yard with 81 loads and 22 empties.

NLHO left North Little Rock yesterday at 715AM with 59 loads and 54 empties and had engines 3648, 3294, and 3478. After setting out at Longview, it departed at 625PM with 41 loads and 37 empties. It picked up 21 cars at Palestine and set out 16 cars at Spring. It tied up in Houston at 625AM with 42 loads and 41 empties.

XCHHO departed from Chicago at 920PM on the 5th with two loads and 80 empties, 3,104 tons, and had engines MP9040 and MP6029. It picked up three loads and 17 empties at Momence (mp50) and departed with five loads and 97 empties, 4,087 tons. It left Salem at 510AM and left North Little Rock at 455PM. It met HONL at Longview, picked up more cars at Spring and came into Houston at 930AM with 10 loads and 111 empties.