Friday August 7, 1987
on the Union Pacific

Las Vegas, NV to Salt Lake City

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From Las Vegas the line descends to Moapa (mp383), 1,664 feet, then begins a slow climb to Caliente (mp460), 4,390 feet, where the grade increases and the line rises to the summit at Crestline (mp497), 5,992 feet. It then descends into the Escalante Valley and the crew change point at Milford (mp575), 4,968 feet. At Lynndyl, the Provo Branch swings off to the east and the main line climbs up to Tintic (mp698), 5,859 feet, then drops into the Great Salt Lake Basin, joining the old Western Pacific line at Smelter (mp766). The two single track lines are use as double track from Smelter to Salt Lake City.

LCD51 (local out of Las Vegas) with engines 3453 and 3157 was approaching Moapa and would soon be going down the Mead Lake Branch.

Union Pacific train symbol LUD50 at Moapa
Union Pacific train symbol LUD50 at Moapa

CMAUW with engines 3538 and 3296 stretching the slack on 84 empties at 2,718 tons and was making good time near Vigo (mp413). The dispatcher was preparing for it to meet the NPLAZ at Carp (mp418).

NPLAZ was dashing through Leith (mp429). It had engines 3553, 6029, and 6032 pulling 47 loads, 3,011 tons. Yesterday, it departed from North Platte at 900AM with 44 loads, 2,768 tons. It was delayed briefly at Barnett for the GESECB to leave Cheyenne. It picked up three more loads at Cheyenne and departed at 1245PM. It ran around the NPSC at Black Buttes (mp767). Earlier today, it had been caught by the hot box detector near Thermo and spent 30 minutes inspecting the train. The crew found nothing wrong. It met the LAAP4 at Richmond (mp471), ran around N201 at Caliente, and met LANPZ at Etna (mp455). At Las Vegas, it would set out seven loads and add engines 2521, 3070, and 3551.

N201 with engines 3544, DRGW5404, and 3251 picked up 13 loads for Los Angeles at Milford, then waited 35 minutes for Amtrak 35 to depart first. It left Milford at 445AM and met the LANPZ at the end of double track at Caliente. It was now sailing along near Etna with 25 loads and 21 empties, 3,342 tons.

LANPZ left Yermo at 405AM with engines 3781, SP7755, and SP7769 hauling 37 loads, 2,313 tons, and was charging up hill at Eccles (mp465).

LAAP4 departed Los Angeles yesterday at 635PM with 125 loads, 6,837 tons, and had engines 3704, 3087, 3441, SP7460, and 2410 on the point. It was stopped for 40 minutes at Highgrove (mp7) (four miles south of Colton) because of a dragging brake chain on APLX4567. After refueling and changing crews, it left Las Vegas at 550AM and was now climbing the grade to Crestline at Acoma (mp484). At Milford, it would cut off the helpers: engines 2525 and DRGW5361.

CLADC with engines 3622, SP8547, and 2918 had the slack in on 81 empties, 2,526 tons, as the train was slowing down for the crew change at Milford. It had been delayed 20 minutes at Las Vegas, when the crew van overheated taking the outbound crew to the train. It would be delayed another 20 minutes taking a cable to the power on the SASHW at the east end of Milford. After picking up more cars, it would leave with 165 empties, 5,244 tons. The 84 empties it was picking up came into Milford last night at 820PM on train CMAUP with engines 2427 and 3301.

Union Pacific train symbol LAAP7 at Modena
Union Pacific train symbol LAAP7 at Modena

SASHW left Salt Lake City at 1159PM on the 4th and met LACSZ and LAAP1 at Stockton, LAPC at St. John, and NPLAZ at Faust. It arrived at Milford on the 5th at 905AM with 82 loads, 10,521 tons, and had engines 3786, 2521, 3070, and 2479. It now had engines 3301, 3464, SP7550, NS6103, and 3550 and was waiting for the crew to add ice and water to the units. It would leave Milford at 1205PM.

LANP departed Los Angeles at 650AM yesterday and left Las Vegas at 1255AM with 10 loads and 87 empties, 3,734 tons. It was delayed 40 minutes by a high reading from the hot box detector near Carp. It met the NPLAZ at Uvada (mp501), picked up two loads at Lund (mp542), and set out five loads and 34 empties at Milford. It had engines 3631, 3523, 2415, and 3608 (dead) pulling 7 loads and 53 empties, 2,532 tons, and was nearing Read (mp590).

N200 met APLA2 at Wann, picked up two loads at Lund, and set out engines NS6103, SP7550, and 3464 for the SASHW at Milford. It was now near Cruz (mp610) with engines 3752, 3636, and 2427 pulling six loads and 85 empties, 3,655 tons.

N201 left Salt Lake City at 640AM with engines 3904 and 2821. At Garfield, it set out 25 empties for the NPLA and picked up 21 loads and one empty. It was now grumbling up the grade near Erda (mp756) with 50 loads and one empty, 4,256 tons. It would let the CSLAZ run around it at Pehrson (mp717) and meet the LANP at Lofgreen (mp711).

CSLAZ departed Fremont, NE yesterday at 145PM with engines CNW5099, CNW6869, and CNW6868 pulling 37 loads, 2,599 tons. It traded power at North Platte for engines 6041 and 6002 and set out 15 loads for the CSSEZ. It set out, nine loads at North Salt Lake. At North Yard, it set out 10 loads, picked up 38 loads, and added engine 3266. It left Salt Lake City with 51 loads, 2,693 tons, and was digging in for the climb at Lake Point.

OANP left Elko at 315AM with engines 3528, 3115, 3391, and 3469 pulling 37 loads and 28 empties, 5,114 tons. It met the NPOAZ at Clifside and ran around the STSC at Garfield. It was coming around the curve at Grant Tower and would soon be pulling into the yard at Salt Lake City. The second and fourth units would require water. After the 1,000 mile inspection and a new crew, the train would leave with the same power and pick up 11 loads at Ogden.

STSC departed from Stockton at 940PM on the 5th and left Portola at 655AM yesterday. It left Elko at 135AM with engines 3435, MP6071, and SP9307. It met Amtrak 5 at Wells, NPOAZ at Ola, and the NPST at Barro. It arrived in Salt Lake City at 1030AM.

SLOAZ left Dupo at 650PM on the 5th with engines 3462 and MP3299 pulling 14 loads, 984 tons. It set out four cars at Armstrong Yard and picked up three more loads. It picked up one load of hogs at Marysville and met the NPKCT at Fairbury (mp185). It traded power at North Platte and departed at 235PM yesterday with 27 loads, 1,986 tons, and engines 3641 and MP6054. It picked up two loads at Cheyenne and lost the MP6054 due to low water coming through Dale Jct. (mp555). It was revived during the fuel stop at Rawlins. It ran around the NPHK at Riner. Out of Green River, it had to follow the NPSE up to Granger, because the SENP2 and SASHE were coming down track #2. It set out three loads at North Salt Lake and picked up 10 loads at North Yard set out by the CSLAZ. It was leaving North Yard with 24 loads, 1,776 tons.

Union Pacific train symbol APLA7 at Salt Lake City
Union Pacific train symbol APLA7 at Salt Lake City

N200 left Milford at 315AM with engines 3224, 2491, 3489, 2523, and 3737 pulling 12 loads and 91 empties, 4,066 tons. It had to back out of the siding at Read after meeting Amtrak 35, because the east switch was out of service. It picked up two loads and ten empties at Strong and picked up one load at Lynndyl. It was now setting out at Martmar (mp676) on the Provo Branch.

CUWIP was at Provo with engines 3675, 2532, 2480, and 3448 and would be called at 200PM to take the loads to the Intermountain Power Plant near Lynndyl.