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Trains and Railroad Magazines
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This page is for those into train and railroad magazine collectibles. The sales list of railroad magazines is arranged by publication and then by date.

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Union Pacific  Southern Pacific  Milwaukee Road  Conrail   N&W
Santa Fe  B&O RR  Erie Lackawanna  L&N  C&NW  ICG RR

Classic Trains magazine $2.50

Fall 2001 Newfoundland Narrow Gauge, Milwaukee Road Movie, Southern Ps-4 Pacific
Fall 2002 C&S Steam late 50s, Working SP Dining Cars in the 20s, David Plowden photos, Wabash Fireman
Spring 2007 Steam engine cab rides in Canada, C&O George Washington, Chicago Fantrips

CTC Board Railroads Illustrated $2.00 each

January 1995 CP London Div, 125 years of UP, Iron ore haulers part 7 BN
April 1997 EMD F units, Marias Pass, KCS north end

Locomotive & Railway Preservation $1.75 each

Jan-Feb 1996 East Troy RR, Working with wood part 1
July-Aug 1996 Orange Empire Railway Museum
Sept-Oct 1996 Texas State Railroad, Owens Valley
Jan-Feb 1997 NC Transportation Museum, Snow sheds & fences

Pacific RailNews from the Heartland to the Pacific $1.75 each

January 1987 Athol ID, D&RGW Ski Train, Nacozari Mexico
September 1990 SP Carrizozo Sub, KCS Helpers in Missouri and Arkansas
November 1990 Gateway Western, Klamath Timber RRs, Temple TX
December 1990 UP and SP in Nevada, Kaiser Bulk Facility in San Pedro
January 1991 Semaphore signal on the Siskiyou Line, Eisenhower Centennial
March 1991 EMD radial truck, Iron Range RRs, Durango & Silverton
April 1991 UP's Bailey Yard, SP's West Valley Line, Del Rio TX, Topeka KC corridor
August 1993 BN Springfield to Tulsa, Tennessee Pass, Central Kansas Rwy, Fresno
October 1993 Great Flood of 1993, A&M Alcos, SP's Great Basin, Minnesota Commercial Rwy
January 1994 N Arizona blizzard of 1967, SP's Beaumont Hill, BN's River line, EMD F-units
May 1994 Mississippi Valley joint line, Willamette short lines, Georgetown shays
June 1994 Fox Valley & Western, Paola KS, Everett WA, Oakland CA night photos
August 1994 Farewell to Pasadena Sub, 652 Midland's E8, BN Beardstown Sub, S Texas Jcts
September 1994 BNSF merger, IC-KCS merger?, 25 years of cowl units, Okanogon Valley
November 1994 Kicking Horse Pass. West Chicago towers, Santa Fe's Curtis Hill
December 1994 UP's Canyon Sub, Winter photos, La Crosse Wisconsin Grand Crossing
January 1995 GE Dash 9s, D&RGW Thompson Hill, SD&AE Carriso Gorge
April 1995 New Orleans, Franklin Canyon, Helpers, Winnemucca NV
May 1995 Wisconsin Central, Chicago Central, CFNR's Petaluma Turn
July 1995 Metrolink dispatching, IC's Yazoo District, BN near Wenatchee, Texas photos
September 1995 MRL's Clark Fork, Rio Valley RR
October 1995 SP UP merger, East of Gilluly, Minnesota's Iron Range, Autumn photos
January 1996 KCS F7s, SP 4449, Motive power west and AC traction
February 1996 Joliet IL, SP Helper to Grand Junction, Winter photos
March 1996 25 Western Mountain Grades
June 1996 Washington State
July 1996 Semaphore signals
September 1996 SP's ICTF MiJacks, Intermodal history, JB Hunt

RailNews coast to coast $2.00 each (PRN went national)

January 1997 BNSF dash 9s, 6,000hp milestone, Nova Scotia Alco Centuries
April 1997 New England photos, Stormy weather photos, Twilight photos
May 1997 SP's Calimus Hill, Boston & Albany, BNSF locomotive renumbering
June 1997 BNSF Denver to Wendover, Amtrak Ocean to Ocean, Short line photos
July 1997 KCS's Rich Mountain, Amtrak's Auto Train, Amador Central, CP in Maine
September 1997 New York Subway, CP's Atlantic Limited, New England Central
November 1997 Conrail history and photos
December 1997 Cal-P, CSX coal train on the New River Sub, NWP
January 1998 Congressional Limited, Northshore Mining RR, BC Rail locomotives
February 1998 Alaska RR, APL's Global Gateway South, Providence & Worcester
March 1998 Montana railfanning, New England Central, Paducah & Louisville
April 1998 Operation Lifesaver, Cross Harbor RR in New York, Arizona & California
May 1998 Albany, NY, Barstow diesel service, Women in railroading
June 1998 Utah branch lines, UP's Marysville Sub east, railroading in New Zealand
July 1998 Texas Eagle, Sunset Limited, Desert Wind, San Diego trolley, FEC Rwy
August 1998 I&M Rail Link, Yolo Shortline, Missouri & Northern Arkansas
October 1998 Toledo Peoria &Western, RR police, St. Luc Shops
November 1998 South Dakota, California Zephyr, Long Island cab units
January 1999 GE AC6000CW, Locomotive leasing, Motive power summaries
March 1999 Via's Canadian, Napa trash trains

Railfan & Railroad Magazine $1.00 each

March 1984 ALCO the story of the 539
March 1985 Coast to Coast Amtrak, UP Centennials
November 1985 UP 3985 on Sherman Hill
January 1986 SP's Lakeview Branch, War Production Diesels
March 1986 Reading 4-8-4 2102 Genessee & Wyoming
January 1987 The GP30 Story
March 1988 Cajon Pass, Atlanta & St. Andrews Bay

Railfan & Railroad Magazine $1.50 each

December 1994 Reading & Northern, UP E units
February 1995 CP Alcos, Louisville, KY, Big Stone coal train (no cover)
March 1995 NS steam finale, Power brake rule, Harbor Belt Line
July 1995 SP's Carrizozo District, Donner Pass storm
September 1995 Dinner Trains, N&W 475, Virginia Southern
October 1995 Steamtown's Grand Opening, Kansas City
December 1995 Virginia & Truckee, New England, Central, KB&S Alcos
February 1996 American Orient Express, SP's 4449, Conrail branch
April 1996 D&H in Albany part 1, UP 844 and SP 4449, SP Cadillacs
May 1996 D&H in Albany part 2, Santa Fe NS Joint Line, Rudolf Diesel
August 1996 Dakota & Iowa, Conrail's SD80MACs, The old Norfolk Southern
December 1996 Grand Island, NE, Tehachapi, Topeka railroad days (no cover)
January 1997 Grand Canyon Mikado 4960, LA&L Alcos, Intermodal Coal
January 1999 Semaphore signals
August 1999 Conrail Farewell, WC's Neenah Sub, UP Tie Gang, Altamont Commuter Express
October 1999 Colorado Joint Line, Last Atlantic Limited, Railfair '99
October 2001 Fort Worth & Western, Delaware Passenger Trains, Portland OR Streetcars
November 2001 Baltimore Tunnel Fire, Rio Grande Diesels, Soo Line Steam
March 2002 Railfanning the Powder River Basin, Alaska, and Hawaii
September 2002 Railfanning in Central Texas, Arizona & California, Portland Maine Union Station

Railfan & Railroad Magazine $2.50 each

May 2005 Erie Mining, Photos from 2004, Montreal, Maine and Atlantic
March 2006 UP in the Dragoon Mtns AZ, Erie Lackawanna Alcos, Alcos in Eastern Canada

Trains Magazine $1.25 each

December 1985 Northern Pacific, Seattle Nights
August 1987 Super-power Steam, D&RGW stock train

Trains Magazine $1.40 each

February 1989 Atlanta Fan Trip, SPs Bailey OR Branch
March 1989 Frisco 4-8-2 1522, Kennecott Bingham Canyon UT
May 1989 Washington Union, Railfan in my soup, NKP 587
October 1989 Locomotive Leasing, Nevada Iowa
July 1990 NHRS Train Ride
February 1991 Central Vermont Story, Vaughn NM
March 1991 USRA Steam, Conrail at 15
May 1991 B&O Monongah Div, Steam in Africa, Longview WA
June 1991 Amtrak at 20
June 1994 RRs in WWII, Providence & Worcester, Kootenay, BC cabooses
October 1994 CN in northern Alberta, Blomberg truck, UP streamliners summer of 67
March 1995 SP and WC taconite trains, N&W 611, Colton, CA hotspot
September 1995 Horseshoe Curve, Robert Hale photos
October 1995 D&RGW to Alamosa, New River Train

Trains Magazine $1.75 each

June 1996 Amtrak at 25, DW&P, Roanoke trash train
July 1996 Florida East Coast, CP's Richmondville Hill
February 1997 Amtrak roadrailers, Raton Pass, Mexico's Copper Canyon
August 1997 UP's Blue Mountains, Iowa traction, Early RR radio
October 1997 NS's exNKP Line, Blue Streak Merchandise, CSX on Sand Patch
November 1997 BNSF's Stampede Pass, MA&N Alcos, Timken roller bearings
December 1997 Alameda Corridor, Conrail Buffalo and snow, Sierra RR
January 1998 Susie-Q, L&N Alcos, BNSF's Stevens Pass
April 1998 Burlington Zephyrs, Barstow diesel shop, Feather River canyon
July 1998 Pecos Valley Southern, Thebes Bridge, Santa Fe container turn-around
September 1998 Alco cab units, Santa Fe head-on at Robinson, NM 9-5-1956
October 1998 SP's Great Basin, Guilford
January 1999 Conrail
February 1999 RaiLink Canada, Coast Starlight
March 1999 Zoo Tower, Working on the RR, Double tracking the Clovis Sub
August 1999 SP's 4449, Automatic Equipment Identification, Thayer Sub Blitz
September 2000 UP Wings, I&M Rail Link, Willamette & Pacific and Portland & Western
August 2001 Helpers, Pennsy Photos, SP&S 4-8-4 700

Trains Magazine $2.50 each

May 2005 21st Century Steam, Adirondack Scenic RR, Training Railroaders, Sand Patch
March 2006 BNSF and Route 66, MRL's new SD70ACes, Heavier Freight Cars, Tonnage Map

Trains Illustrated $2.00 each

May 1990 EMD Open House & NP photos

1992 Passenger Train Annual $5.00

Vintage Rails $2.00

Winter 1996 Richard Steinheimer photos, C&O streamlined 4-6-2s