October 31, 1987 on the MKT

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Kansas and Missouri

The following is a snapshot of the Katy taken on Oct. 31, 1987. It covers the freight trains that were operated that morning up to 700AM. This report is based on a system line-up and conductor's reports of train consists for that day. The Katy system is covered in segments, from St. Louis west to Parsons and Kansas City south to Denison, TX. Part two is Denison south to Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio.

St. Louis to Parsons

Freight train 102 left Muskogee at 550PM with 22 loads and 102 empties, 5,138 tons, pulled by engine 360 and three more units. It departed Parsons at 1115AM with 38 loads and 54 empties at 4,961 tons. It arrived in Sedalia at 620PM with 53 loads and 40 empties, 6,491 tons, and departed at 430AM.

MKT train symbol 101 at Navy, OK
MKT train symbol 101 at Navy, OK

101 with engines 172, 226, 501, and 227 dragging 62 loads and 24 empties, 5,288 tons, left Baden Yard at 800PM. It changed crews at Sedalia and departed at 340AM with 68 loads and 17 empties at 5,858 tons. It had nine empties for grain loading at Parsons, 12 loaded auto racks and one TOFC flat for Tulsa, two empties for Lone Star Industries in Pryor, two empties for Oklahoma City, two empties for Bartlesville and one load for Muskogee. Going to points in Texas were: one load of wheat flour for Pillsbury in Denison, one load of hazardous chemicals, four empties and seven TOFC flats for Fort Worth, one empty for Alvarado (on the Santa Fe), two loads and 12 TOFC flats for Dallas, one load for Waxahachie, one load of hazardous chemicals and one TOFC flat for San Antonio, five loads for Temple, five loaded auto racks for Remount, and six TOFC flats for Houston.

Kansas City to Denison, TX

108 with engines 196 and 190 left Parsons at 820PM and arrived in Glen Park Yard at 1230AM with 19 loads and 39 empties, 2,852 tons. The train was turned over to the Soo Line and contained 24 trailers for Chicago and Milwaukee, two empty auto racks for Ford Motor Company, 12 empty cars for loading at US Steel in Gary, IN, seven loads of hazardous chemicals, and empty covered hoppers for grain loading.

MKT train symbol 106 near Kiowa, OK
MKT freight train symbol 106 near Kiowa, OK

106 departed from Parsons at 1000PM with engines 237 and 334 pulling four loads and 52 empties, 1,989 tons, and arrived in Glen Park Yard at 155AM. The train was turned over to the Union Pacific and contained 18 empties for loading at various chemical plants west of Green River, WY, four empties for grain loading at Lincoln, NE, three empties for points in California, and three loads of cheese for San Bernardino.

105 left Glen Park Yard at 420AM with engines 185, 179, and 234 pulling 62 loads and 20 empties totaling 7,012 tons. It had one load of cheese for Clinton, MO one load for Parsons, and one empty and one hazardous tank car of propane for Coffeyville. Going to points in Oklahoma were: 11 empties for Lone Star Industries in Pryor, one load for Shawnee, 13 cars for Oklahoma City, five loads for Broken Arrow, four loads of corn for Watonga on the OKT, two loads of wheat and one load of paper for Muskogee, five loads of corn for Shawnee, and two loads for Sand Springs. Going to points in Texas were: nine cars for Denison, two loads of soy oil for Sherman, five loads for Fort Worth, one load for Irving, one load for Arlington, three loads for Garland, two loads for Dallas, and one load of automobiles for Remount.

110 had engines 232, CNW870, 309, and 183 with 27 loads and 71 empties for a total of 4,505 tons. It departed Parsons at 1250AM on its way to Glen Park Yard. In the consist were 28 trailers, five containers, four empty auto racks. 15 cars were for points in and around Kansas City on the MKT, five cars for the BN, four for the N&W, one for the KCS, and one for the KCT. The rest were going to the C&NW.

102 left Dallas at 115AM with two engines, led by the 615, pulling 24 loads and 34 empties, 3,249 tons. It departed Ray Yard at 105PM with 22 loads and 90 empties, 4,579 tons. It left Muskogee at 1000PM with 19 loads and 63 empties, 3,668 tons, and arrived in Parsons at 330AM.

154 departed from McAlester at 1130AM with 27 loads and 47 empties, 4,078 tons, pulled by two engines with the 238 leading. It arrived in Parsons at 250AM with 30 loads and 65 empties, 5,052 tons.

104 with engines 175, 603, 624, 632, 633, and 611 left Houston at 910PM with 42 loads and 84 empties, 5,932 tons. It departed Bellmead at 1120AM with 38 loads and 63 empties, 4,657 tons. It left Ray Yard at 1000PM and left Muskogee at 435AM with 43 loads and 71 empties, 5,308 tons. Included in the consist were 41 trailers, two containers, four empty auto racks for the Ford Motor Company, twelve empty tank cars labeled dangerous (denatured alcohol) going to Decatur, IL and Clinton, IA. There was one car for Parsons. A Kansas City Block contained three cars for the UP, two for the BN, ten cars for Council Bluffs, 31 cars for the SOO Line, 19 cars for the C&NW, one for the KCT, and nine cars for points around Kansas City on the MKT. A St. Louis block contained three cars for CSX, five cars for Conrail, five cars for the TRRA, eight for the N&W, one for the ICG, and five cars for points around St. Louis on the MKT.

146 departed from Tulsa at 1215AM with engine 221 and two more units pulling eight loads and 22 empties, 1,070 tons, and arrived in Muskogee at 230AM.

102 with engine 240 and two more units left Dallas at 830PM with 32 loads and 48 empties, 4,511 tons. It departed Ray Yard at 340AM with 29 loads and 53 empties, 3,724 tons.

125 left Bartlesville at 630PM with two engines, led by 248, pulling two loads and five empties, 395 tons, and arrived in Muskogee at 330AM with 15 loads and six empties, 1,971 tons.

Coal train CBX with engine 605 and three more units was returning from the Lower Colorado River Authority with 112 empties at 3,360 tons. It departed Ray at 125AM and had passed Kiowa at 600AM. It would be turned over to the BN at Kansas City and become CK209.

CBL was BN train 42CK208 into Kansas City and left at 315PM on the 30th with engine 208 and four more units pulling 109 loads and one empty, 14,294 tons. It departed Muskogee at 215AM.

CBX with engine BN5300 and three more units had 111 empties 3,330 tons in tow. It departed Ray at 610AM and would become BN train VV209 at Kansas City.