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Empty coal train YY295 at Decker, MT

BN empty coal train YY295 at Decker, MT

Earlier that morning I was waiting at Decker, MT on the Nerco Branch north of Dutch. Train YY295 came by with engines 9263, 9229, and 9260. It would loaded at the East Decker mine and then return with coal for Wisconsin Power and Light at St. Paul, MN. BN tried to keep these SD60s out of power pools, so assigned them to coal trains loading in Montana. As more SD70 MACs arrived, the SD60s began to wander the whole system.

BN helper set with engines 7244 and 7231 and a fuel tender

Engines 7244 and 7231 arrive at Decker to help train DD126. The helper would stay in all the way to Parkman. Disk 80