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Burlington Northern Railroad freight trains at Crow Agency, MT

Burlington Northern Railroad train H78 at Crow Agency, MT

A year earlier, train H78 pauses at Crow Agency while train 74 goes into the siding on June 18, 1980. The coal train will reverse direction near Huntley and go east over the former Northern Pacific to Dairyland Power's John P Madgett station at Alma, WI.

Burlington Northern Railroad train 74 near Crow Agency, MT

After the meet, train 74 crosses the Little Bighorn River. The train has engines 7059, 7274, and 5374. Since the territory was under train orders with all manual switches I was able to get another picture about a mile later as the train slowed to let the rear brakeman close the switch. Disk 80

Burlington Northern Railroad train 74 near Crow Agency