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Burlington Northern train X05 at Tobin, MT

Burlington Northern train X05 at Tobin, MT Burlington Northern helper units on train X05 at Tobin

With clouds building up over the mountains I decided to go down toward Helena to see if anything else was moving. West of Helena a grain train was cutting in a helper at Tobin. After about an hour X05 gets a signal to proceed and heads up the valley passed the first road crossing. The train had two F45 on the headend: units 6616 and 6635. Coupled ahead of the caboose were engines 7252, 7243, and 7244. Shortly after the train went by it started to rain. So I gave up the chase. Just as well as I later discovered that I would always be behind the train and never have another chance to get ahead of it again as the road that follows the tracks crosses it several times. Disk 12

Burlington Northern train X05 near Tobin Burlington Northern helper units and caboose on train X05 near Tobin

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