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BN Railroad unit coal train HH240 at Garrison, MT

At Garrison, MT the Northern Pacific line split again. The original line went through Helena and the southern line through Butte. The line through Butte began construction at Garrison in 1886. In the later days of the Northern Pacific little freight traffic ran over the line through Butte and after the BN merger the portion over Homestead Pass was shut down. The line was sold to the Montana Western Railway in September 1986.

BN Railroad unit coal train HH240 at Garrison, MT

Garrison Tower was a mechanical interlocker. It was closed in 1930 when the four junction switchers were replace by two electrically operated switches and two spring switches.

BN unit coal train HH240 at Garrison

On May 21, 1992 train HH240 eases out of the siding after meeting train 123. It has Oakway 9047, 5128, 5522, 7139 and UP 3480. This empty coal train is returning from the Portland General Electric power plant near Castle, OR. It has PGEX gondolas and will load at the Eagle Butte mine. Disk 12